10 crazy future predictions: technology of the near future


Almost every week in the world there are various technological developments that are designed to improve people’s lives. And in parallel with them, there are also new future predictions. And although this task is not from the lungs, it happens that people succeed in this with amazing accuracy. So, what do they promise to humanity in the near future?

10. A loaf of bread for $ 8

Future Predictions
a loaf of bread/Image Credit : Flickr.com/Matt Despres

In 1982, a book entitled “Universal Almanac of the Future” was published, in which it was predicted that by the year 2000 most Americans will experience real prosperity. The rapid development of computers, genetic engineering, and services, according to the forecasts of this book, would lead to a change in lifestyle and economic growth. But the authors of the book also believed that prices for general food products would increase sharply.

For example, the book predicts that a loaf of bread will cost $ 8, and a half a kilo of coffee – $ 25. Nevertheless, it was also predicted that the average wage will grow. In 2010, the secretaries had to pay $ 95,000 per year, and factory workers – $ 197,600 per year ($ 95 per hour).

9. Houses of the Future for $ 5000

Future predictions
House of Future/ Image Credit: flickr.com/bill

In 1950, the magazine “Popular Mechanics” published an article entitled “Miracles that will become reality over the next fifty years”. The article suggested that building materials such as wood, brick, and stone would become too expensive by the year 2000. Instead, houses will start to be made of metal, plastic sheets, as well as foamed clay. By this time, the houses had to become cheap (costing only $ 5000), and also resistant to weathering.

But their service life was predicted to be only 25 years since “there would be no sense in building houses that can stand for centuries”. Also, the author of the article believed that household gadgets would be minimalistic. For example, it was believed that the dishes will be placed in the sink, where it will dissolve in boiling water. Plastics will be made from cheap raw materials, such as fruit bones, soybeans, straw and wood shavings.

8. Dam between the USSR and the USA

Future Predictions
In 2017/ Future Predictions/ Image credit :Flickr.com/Miles Cary

In 1960, the Soviet Union released a film entitled “In 2017“. He described one day of the life of a boy named Igor and his adventures in a futuristic Moscow. In the film, Russia was preparing to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the Bolshevik Revolution of 1917. In this imaginary world, the Western “imperialists” won, the riverbeds of the Yenisei and the Ob rivers were changed so that the rivers flow into the Caspian Sea instead of the Arctic Ocean, and through the Bering Strait, a dam was built that linked Russia to Alaska. Under the polar regions of the USSR, subglacial cities were built.

7.  Underwater habitation

Future Predictions
Underwater habitation/ Future predictions/ Image Credit: flickr.com/journal3_cours_architecture_USTO

In 1964, Isaac Asimov, one of the most famous science fiction writers of the 20th century, visited the World Exhibition in New York. Inspired by this visit, he published an article in The New York Times, in which he predicted how the world would look in 50 years. Asimov believed that in 2014 colonization of the continental shelf would begin. A popular variant of housing will be underwater dwellings, which will especially enjoy special demand among lovers of water sports.

Underwater Dwellings are expected to contribute to the more efficient exploitation of marine resources, both food, and mineral. Azimov also believed that suburban underground houses with “an easily controlled temperature, free of weather changes, with clean air and adjustable light” will become commonplace.

6. Factories in space

Future Predictions
Factory in Space/Future predictions/ Image Credit: flickr.com/Shanken Photography

In 1983, the Agency for Science and Technology in Tokyo surveyed 2,000 experts to predict what life would be like if “all new technologies and innovations were actually implemented, as planned.” Some of the predictions made by these specialists were accurate. For example, this applies to ordinary households that will be able to use all kinds of information in connection with the development of digital communication networks.

However, other predictions were completely wrong. For example, experts believed that plants and experimental laboratories would float in space in orbit around the Earth by 2010. Experts also believed that diseases such as cancer, cerebral apoplexy, and heart disease would be defeated forever.

5. Nails and hammers

Nails and Hammer/ Future Predictions/ Image Credit: flcikr.com/randhirsingh

In 1960, the “American Weekly Journal” launched a survey on how people imagine life in the next 10 years. Their predictions about future homes were particularly stunning, although completely wrong. People thought that houses will have the function of an automatic color change of the roof. These roofs would change the color from light on warm days to a darker color on cold days to regulate the heat inside the house. It was also believed that nails and hammers would be replaced with superglue.

4. Mosquitoes and flies will die out

Future predictions
Mosquitoes and flies/ Future predictions/ Image Credit:/Jaroslav Kaas


In 1900, The Ladies Home Journal published an article by John Elfreth Watkins Jr. entitled “What can happen in the next 100 years”. The article was frighteningly accurate with respect to some predictions, such as mobile phones and frozen ready-made products, but at the same time as inaccurate with respect to other predictions.

In particular, one of the things that this article was mistaken about was the prediction that mosquitoes and flies will be virtually destroyed. It was believed that all places where mosquitoes can multiply, all pools with standing water and swamps, and all water bodies where water was stagnant, have been destroyed.

3. Flying Bicycles

Future Predictions
Flying Bicycle/ Future Predictions /Image Credit: flickr.com/ Teo Karanikas

In 1909, correspondents of The New York Times asked the French occultist Henri Antoine Jules-Bois about his vision for the future. “Philosopher-prophet” predicted that passenger cars will be forgotten in 100 years and completely replaced by flying bicycles, which would allow citizens to fly at will. Jules-Bois also claimed that the cities would become almost uninhabited at night and “used” only for business.

As a result, everyone would prefer to live in the countryside or in the suburbs, filled with gardens. Jules-Bois believed that flying bicycles, flying cars, and pneumatic railways would eventually become so widespread that the question of the time spent on the road to work would be completely unimportant when choosing your home.

2. Motorways with air conditioning

Future Predictions
Roads in Future/ Future Predictions/ Image Credit: flickr.com/Rsantos97

One episode of the Disney series “Magical Highway, USA” in the 1950s predicted how transport, and especially roads, will change over the years in America. It was predicted that the usual phenomenon would be a “multi-colored highway system,” which would allow drivers to reach their destination by simply following the correct color strip. And the roads, which will be laid in hot deserts, will be fully air-conditioned. Moreover, these roads will take place in tunnels, which were laid with the help of nuclear reactors, melting rocks.

1. Aerodromes on skyscrapers

Future Predictions
Aerodromes on skyscrapers/ Future Predictions/ Image Credit :Flickr.com/ inferno55

In the 1920s, some people believed that aerodromes on skyscrapers were an excellent way of transporting passengers in cities. The runways were either located on consoles leading from the roof to the outside, or on consoles located between several buildings. One of the innovative architects was so inspired by this idea that he suggested building a kind of giant “tables” on the roofs of skyscrapers and placing landing areas on them

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