Hollow Earth: Antarctica Could Be A Gateway To Another World Within The Earth


The theory of hollow earth may someday be corroborated by scientific evidence. It is worth recalling that for a very long time this was an equal hypothesis, and only conclusions drawn from seismic studies led to its rejection.

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Hollow Earth
Hollow Earth

Perhaps, however, the time will soon come to test recognized scientific theories.

The structure of the planet cannot be verified empirically. The deepest well was made by the Russians and reached a depth of only 12 kilometers.

This is barely a scratch on the earth’s crust. We do not have technologies that allow us to penetrate the layers of our planet, and we do not know whether such an undertaking is even possible.

To summarize, our idea of ​​the bowels of the Earth is really just a mathematical interpretation of the data collected and nothing more, this is the same hypothesis as the theory of empty land.

According to some hypotheses, penetration into the underworld, which is below the surface of our planet, maybe in Antarctica.

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According to rather controversial theories, a civilization exists inside the Earth that is resistant to oxygen deficiency and high temperatures, and even to the inner sun, which our science calls the core.

This inner world must be full of water, and the proof is that the icebergs that come off the ice caps and drift in the seas are made of freshwater.

Why so much freshwater? The only explanation for this phenomenon is that water flows from the earth. Where so much come from?

The theories linking Antarctica with UFOs also sound interesting.
Observations of strange unidentified objects flying over this continent are quite common.

According to proponents of the theory of gates to another world, it is in Antarctica that these machines depart and fly.

However, to this day, no one has managed to find a place that is the entrance to this world.

Hollow Earth
Hollow Earth

These theories are also related to volcanoes because in their vicinity you can also see many UFOs.

Perhaps not only Antarctica is the gateway to this unknown underworld.

The search for evidence supporting the validity of the theory of an empty Earth continues.

If it could be proven, it would change many scientific theories and explain some of the mysteries of modern science.

However, if it turns out that there really are creatures there, it may be better for us that knowledge about them does not become publicly available information.

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