Betty And Barney Hill Were Taken By 6 Humanoid Gray Skin Aliens With Big Eyes To Their Spaceship


In the 1960s, no one had heard of UFOs before this incident. Another thing is surprising: even now, the abduction of the Hills is considered one of the most reliable incidents of this kind. Betty and Barney Hill were kidnapped on September 19, 1961. On that day, the couple was returning from vacation to their native New Hampshire. When it got dark, they noticed a chain of bright lights in the sky above their car.

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Moreover, it seemed to them that strange luminous points were following exactly behind them. Barney stopped to see what was happening.

Betty And Barney Hill
Betty And Barney Hill

At this point, Betty and Barney realized that an unidentified object was hanging right in front of their car. They went outside, and Barney took a gun with him: as he said, just in case.

But he could not use it, even when he saw several strange figures that were heading in their direction. As the couple recalled, at that moment, they felt that their bodies no longer obeyed them.

After several minutes, Mr. and Mrs. Hill got conscious on a deserted road, not far from their car. They could not remember what happened to them during this time but noticed that their shoes were badly scratched, and their watch stopped.

Soon, this story became public. The Hills appeared on television, but despite they did not prove the fact of their abduction by the aliens, nobody could not obtain the reverse evidence, that Betty and Barney were lying.

Betty And Barney Hill
Betty And Barney Hill

They were repeatedly hypnotized, both together and separately, and as a result of these sessions, the couple remembered that the flying object was like a spaceship with many screens and glowing panels, and they themselves were taken inside by six humanoid creatures with huge eyes and gray skin. The aliens studied them for several hours and conducted experiments.

Today, when UFOs and aliens have become a popular topic for films and television, the story of Betty and Barney Hill still seems to be full of mysteries: did they really go aboard an alien ship or did they manipulate experts and viewers in pursuit of the fame of the “first kidnapped”?

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