ISS Camera Filmed Thousands Of Alien Spaceships Evacuating From The Earth


With the development of modern technology, it is hard not to notice when something happens on the planet.

Two years ago, two objects were seen leaving the Earth. A video from the camera installed on board the International Space Station allows us to see how two objects flying into space in 2018.

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And now, two years later, the camera again shows how thousands of UFOs were captured in the video, leaving the Earth from the outer space at the moment when the ISS was between the light and dark sides of the Earth.

This unbelievable mass UFO evacuation was captured in May 2020. Ufologist Scott C Waring believed the UFOs were alien in nature.

Mr. Waring said: “A few days ago a fleet of glowing UFOs was seen on the live NASA space station cam. The UFOs were pulsing and throwing as they moved forward… each at different speeds.”

Thousands Of Alien Spaceships Evacuating
Thousands Of Alien Spaceships Evacuating

We are unlikely to know whether some cataclysms are coming or the planet is threatened by something more serious. But watching what is happening right in front of our eyes is incredibly interesting.



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