This Highly Secret Organization Was Controlling UFOs Visit In The Last Century


Among the modern mysteries of mankind, one of the first places is the existence of numerous secret organizations. It is assumed that some of them play the role of world government. But the most mysterious of them is the so-called Majestic-12 group, created in the USA in the middle of the last century.

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Majestic-12 was a highly classified organization, however, it leaked to the press on December 11, 1984. On this day, television producer and ufologist Jaime Shandera received a small parcel without a return address. It contained a film where secret documents codenamed “Majestic” were captured.


The secret group included large military officials and scientists who studied the cases of downed UFOs and the bodies of captured or dead aliens. The documents were not sent to Shandera by chance since he was closely interested in the UFO problem and was close friends with writer William Moore.

For several years, Shandera and Moore tried to find out whether the documents from the photographic film were real or just a skillful fake.

Indirect confirmation of the reality of documents from the film was received in the winter of 1986. The press got information about a new bundle of documents submitted to ufologists with a total volume of about 600 pages. Their content completely coincided with the data on the Majestic group. These were reports of studies of biological analysis of the bodies of aliens that crashed on their aircraft in the countries of the Western world.

It is believed that a military man named John (perhaps it was a fictitious name) handed over the documents to ufologists. The man probably served in the US Army until 1985. During the service, his commander made friends with a senior US Air Force rank, head of the Wright-Patterson-based computing center. One day, in a closed computer network, he accidentally discovered data on the Majestic project, copied it, and soon disappeared.

It is believed that he was killed. Nevertheless, he managed to hide secret data in a cache. John’s boss took the papers from the cache and asked his subordinate to find people who could publish them. Due to the received data, a book appeared in 1987 about the Majestic 12 project, which instantly became a world bestseller.


It contained information about how after the crash of the UFO in Roswell in 1947, President Eisenhower was informed that the bodies of aliens had been sent to US military specialists. Soon, by order of President Harry Truman, a team of 12 was created to study the bodies of aliens and their ships.

The main task of the Majestic-12 group was to study the 1947 incident, as well as to interact with the US Air Force. Within its framework, technical data on crashed alien ships was studied.

Finally, information about aliens became public, and the government was convicted of data hiding. Nevertheless, the authorities officially renounced the creation of the Majestic-12 group, calling its existence a fiction of ufologists and journalists. Most surprisingly, soon many venerable ufologists also admitted that they did not believe in the existence of the group.

The press began fierce battles between supporters and opponents of conspiracy theory. Some people claimed that the government was hiding the truth, and those who renounced their faith in Majestic-12 ufology were simply intimidated by the special services. Their opponents pointed out that the documents on the project are fake, and the identity of the person who transmitted them raises serious doubts.

However, the U.S. National Archives soon discovered a Cutler-Twining memo by ufologists. It was a memo from Assistant to the President of the United States Eisenhower Robert Cutler, addressed to General Nathan Twining. It talked about holding a meeting of the Majestic group in the summer of 1954, which the US President was to attend. It could seem that the truth has triumphed, but President Eisenhower’s schedule for July 16, 1954 did not include such events.

In addition, officials of the US Presidential Administration suggested that the memo was a fake. Even the FBI joined the investigation into the existence of the mysterious Majestic-12 group, to whose anonymous data on the project began to arrive in 1987.

It is noteworthy that the investigation was entrusted to the department of external counterintelligence of the FBI. This fact may indicate that they were looking for not a confirmation or a refutation of the existence of a secret group, but a snitch who leaked information to the press. As a result, on November 30, 1988, the FBI officially announced that the files sent to it were fake. In fact, this could indicate either that the person who leaked the secret files was destroyed, or that the whole story with Majestic 12 is a brilliant hoax and nothing more. At the same time, if this project really exists, then information leakage is unlikely to occur.

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