If A Person Falls From The Height Of A 9-Story Building On The Moon, Will He/She Die Or Survive?


It is impossible to answer this question reliably. All in all, even in terrestrial conditions, there are cases when people survive after falling from such heights.

On the other hand, while standing on a stool for changing a bulb, you can fall and get a severe head injury. Unfortunately, such cases are not uncommon.

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Let us assume a person falls from the 9-story building situated on the moon under the following considerations:

1. The case takes place on the Moon, inside a sealed enclosed space, where the atmosphere is identical to Earth.

2. A person will only damage the suit when falling and not die.

Falling on the moon
Falling on Moon

The speed that a person will create on the moon while falling from the height of a 9-story building (say, 30 meters) is quite simple to calculate. It will be approximately 10 m/sec or 36 km/hr.

36 km/hr is a good working speed for a short distance runner. What will happen to a runner who crashes into a wall at full speed? Most likely, he will receive severe bruises but is unlikely to die.

Similarly with our case. A person will have very good chances to get minor damage when landing flat on the moon’s surface. Nevertheless, if a person does not fall flat, but on his head, then the probability of a sad outcome will be much higher.

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