Deadly Asteroid Approaching Earth:  Is it the END?


A huge deadly asteroid is flying to Earth at a frantic speed. The potentially dangerous asteroid will approach the Earth by the end of August this year, surpassing the size of the Great Pyramid of Giza.

So, the diameter of the asteroid 2019 OU1 is 160 meters, which is 20 meters more than the most famous Egyptian pyramid.

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Astrologers warn that on August 28, 2019, OU1 will be 40 times closer to Earth than Venus. The asteroid will approach our planet at a distance of about a million kilometers.

Deadly Asteroid Approaching Earth
Deadly Asteroid Approaching Earth/

Recall that this is not the only statement made by scientists that the Earth is in danger from space. Previously, they had talked about the fact that a huge asteroid called Apophis came close to Earth. Scientists cannot always predict in advance whether such a massive rock might threaten the Earth. As for Apophis specifically, scientists state that if it passes the Earth at a distance of 200 thousand kilometers or more, then everything will end happily.

Apophis 99942 is an asteroid that was first discovered at the Arizona Observatory in 2004. NASA believes that there is a chance of this asteroid to come close to the Earth, and this can happen in 2029. Apophis is called near-Earth space rock, and its width is 370 meters. In 2006, scientists established that Apophis could bypass Earth by passing through a gravitational well, a tiny area where gravity changes.

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However, there may be negative consequences: in April 2036, the asteroid can have an impact on Earth. The likelihood of a collision with it in 2036 is less, but it is possible in 2068.

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