Apocalypse Is Coming: Moon Collision With An Asteroid Will leave Earth To Die?

Experts declare a new End of the World: The Moon has convinced astrophysics that the Apocalypse is coming. The recent moon collision with an asteroid will soon lead to the death of all mankind, experts say.

Last month, the Moon experienced a collision with another celestial body. It led to the fact that the Earth satellite is slowly but inexorably leaving its orbit.

Moon collision: End of World

Moon collision/Credit: Daily Star

Such movement of the satellite may cause disasters on Earth.

The flood in Jordan, as well as climate change on the planet, have already been called the first signs of the coming Apocalypse. Experts believe that people can expect even more sad events.

The water from the equator will rush to the poles, the planet will lurch, many continents will be flooded by the oceans, and day and night all over the world will last for six months.

In the southern and northern latitudes of the globe, there will be fierce cold and eternal winter, while the equator will be burned out by the scorching rays of the sun. Life on the planet will die.

According to ufologists, if people manage to survive, they will turn into a higher race. But such a goal can be achieved by mankind only by uniting against common difficulties.

Official scientific departments do not confirm the theory of changing the trajectory of the Moon. However, many people believe that there are no public statements about it because of the fear of general chaos.

Vicky Verma

Vicky Verma

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