10 Best Bras Popular Among Russian Girls In 2021


Breast is a woman’s adornment and the dignity of a figure that men value first. If nature has gifted you with a perfect breast, this is a considerable reason for pride. However, having an ideal breast is so rare! Fortunately, the best bras with various shapes and features have long been available for the beautiful half of humanity. A well-selected bra can work wonders and make the best decoration for your chest. Russian girls are known for their love of gorgeous underwear, so you should learn from them how to choose the best bras.
HowAndWhys has made a list of the 10 best bras popular among Russian girls.

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1. Contour bra

Another name for this bra is T-shirt Bra, which was created to be worn under a classic blouse or t-shirt. If you want nothing extra to come out from the classic shirt, then a smooth contour bra is what you need. This model perfectly supports the chest and, as a rule, is not decorated with any details. Most Russian girls have at least one black an one beige contour bra. They wear a white or beige bra under light tops and the black one under darker things. And remember: in 2021, it is not fashionable for your bra’s decorative lace to appear in relief from under the fabric of your blouse. So, a smooth contour bra is an absolutely irreplaceable thing for work or studies, while Russian girls leave lace bras for other cases.

2. Strapless Bra

Most Russian girls before 45 y.o. have at least one dress with bare shoulders, so they just cannot do without an appropriate bra. They know that bra straps showing from under the dress demonstrate bad manners. A good strapless mode tightens and supports the chest and does not slip due to silicone inserts. It is better not to try saving money on such a bra, as an incorrectly selected bra for an expensive evening dress can ruin the whole image.

3. Transformer bra

This is one of the best bras popular among Russian girls who use it for various outfits. In popular collections, it is called differently: a transformer, a convertible bra, a multifunctional bra. But the essence is the same: the peculiarity of this model is that the straps can not only be unfastened but also fastened anywhere, lengthened to make a rehashing where it will not be visible under clothes. You can arrange the straps as wide and lower as possible and easily put on a dress with an open back. You can cross them on your back and put on an A-shirt. You can tie straps on the neck, or you can leave only one and put on a blouse with an asymmetric neckline. Today, such a bra is available around the world at very affordable prices, and for Russian girls, having at least one pair is a must.

4. U-plunge (bra-plunge with a U-neck)

This is one of the best bras for a dress or a blouse with a deep neckline, and indeed any dress that involves showing a little more of your body than usual, as it requires appropriate underwear. Such a style, of course, will make you irresistible, but not if you put on the first bra you come across or even go to a party without it. Not to look vulgar, Russian girls, who are known for their love of open dresses, have at least one nude bra-plunge with a U-neck. The investment is small, and the benefits are for a long time!

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5. “Sticky” bra

This is almost the only right option for a dress with a bareback. If your top or dress opens your back below the shoulder blades (or even lower), a “sticky” bra is what you need: it is securely attached directly to the chest. Such a bra can be completely silicone, or fabric cups are attached using special silicone glue. Such a bra will perfectly support the breast, giving it an attractive shape. Some Russian girls know its minus: it is conditionally reusable (for approximately 25 times, subject to the manufacturer’s instructions). And besides, it should not be worn for more than 4-5 hours in a row, since the skin under it does not breathe. Let’s just say this is the perfect option for an evening dress. But if you have to stay in it until the morning, then it makes sense to change clothes.

6. Lace balconette

The lace balconette is the most luxurious part of a women’s wardrobe. It is umber one of the best bras popular among Russian girls.

It is not intended to surprise colleagues or embarrass superiors. Demonstrating gorgeous lingerie during a business lunch is also not a good solution. Preparing to spend an evening with a beloved man, the first thing Russian girls think about is wonderful lace lingerie. If you are as brave as pretty Russian girls, then you can try to put on a bright lace balconette under a transparent top. The wow effect is guaranteed!

7. Lace triangular bra

One of the most popular models of recent years, a triangular bra perfectly replaces the plunge and allows you to wear dresses with an open neckline, and carries the spirit of feminine beauty and youth, and therefore is perfect for young girls. This bra is a good alternative to lace balconettes.

8. Tank top bra

It is irreplaceable in summer when Russian girls wear tops and sundresses with deep cuts in armholes on the back. There can be many variations on the theme of such bras, from strapless models joined on the back to beautiful lace ones. In addition, the model with joint straps on the back is ideal for sports and active walks. It does not constrain movement, tightly supports the chest, and most importantly, it can be worn under almost any sports shirt. Best bras are fastened, as a rule, in the front, or do not have fasteners at all (pitted models).

9. Bra with molded cup

It is one of the best bras popular among Russian girls that accentuates a luxurious breast. A molded cup is made of foam rubber under a special press at high temperature, so it has no seams, neither inside nor outside. It can be dense or thin, covered in silk or other smooth material. Such a bra has a modeling effect: it takes a big breast up and gives it an attractive look. The absence of seams allows you to wear it even with tight t-shirts and dresses, translucent blouses and thin fabrics.

10. Full-cup bra

Russian girls with big shapes choose this model as it securely fixes breasts. Bra cups cover the entire surface of the chest. They are slightly elongated upward, which resembles a triangle. Straps start not at the armpit level, but much higher. In addition, they are closer to the middle, so they do not slip. This in one of the best bras for comfort and maximum confidence.

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