Top 10 Russian Cities With The Most Beautiful Girls In The World


It is widely believed that the most beautiful girls in the world live in Russia. Slavic pretty appearance may attract almost any man. So, let us take a trip around Russia and see which Russian cities have the most beautiful girls. Russia is a big country, so there will be a lot of impressions. HowAndWhys shares a list of top 10 Russian cities with the most beautiful Russian girls.

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1. Rostov-on-Don

Russian cities
Beautiful Russian girls from Rostov-on-Don/ Image credit: Instagram

In Russia, there is a city that is considered to be a real “supplier” of beauties. Frequent victories of Cossacks at beauty contests secured for Rostov-on-Don the glory of the homeland of the most beautiful Russian girls.

Rostov-on-Don is the southern capital of Russia. In 2019, the city turned 270 years old. The character of the city and its inhabitants is unique: there is dignity, sparkling humor, goodwill, and hospitality. The southern sun and the city’s location at the junction of Europe and Asia gave rise to the original appearance and indomitable temperament of the inhabitants of the river Don. Of course, in all Russian cities, there are beautiful girls. But no matter what, in Rostov-on-Don, they are special…

Girls can be usually seen in miniskirts and high heels, which are not always suitable for hilly sidewalks and ice. It is worth noting that Rostov women dress much more vividly than women in the middle lane. Nevertheless, Rostov is a southern city, and in the summer heat, women are more likely to be stripped naked than dressed. But this does not mean that the external brightness of Rostov women necessarily hides internal dullness and emptiness – just spectacular girls often pay attention.

2. Moscow

Beautiful Russian girls
Beautiful Russian girls from Moscow/ Image credit: Instagram

In the Russian capital, beauties shine like diamonds. Not only native citizens, but also girls from provincial cities participate in beauty contests. Moscow is a center of attraction for people. Beautiful, strong and self-confident girls come there And the choice, in general, is becoming greater. In the first place, men always have an assessment of unconscious reproductive potential. On the other hand, if we take Moscow exactly, then competitive ability matters. Men are interested in what position the girl can occupy, how courageous she is, what places she has visited.

3. Saint Petersburg

Beautiful Russian girls
Beautiful Russian girls from Saint Petersburg/ Image credit: Instagram

Saint Petersburg is a city on the river Neva. The northern capital with its strict majestic beauty, with granite embankments, historical monuments and a huge number of museums in the center of Russia’s cultural heritage among all Russian cities. Therefore, the beautiful Russian girls of St. Petersburg are the personification of the majestic beauty of this city: they are reserved, sophisticated and intelligent. Living in this city with a rich heritage, one cannot stay away and not be imbued with the greatness and nobility that has become a hallmark of Saint Petersburg and its beautiful residents.

4. Kostroma

Beautiful Russian girls
Beautiful Russian girls from Kostroma/ Image credit: Instagram

Representatives of this city are winners of beauty contests. They have nice faces and beautiful figures. Every beauty is trying to stand out from the crowd. In Kostroma, you can meet girls in stylish or retro clothes, with bright or insanely black makeup, with red or dark purple lips.

5. Yekaterinburg

Beautiful Russian girls
Beautiful Russian girls from Saint Petersburg/ Image credit: Instagram

The capital of the Urals does not stand aside from the beauty contests of Russia. Ural girls are all different, unique, just inimitable beauties. Actresses, ballerinas, models, athletes from Yekaterinburg became famous not only in their city, but also throughout Russia, and some of them were able to become famous throughout the world. Not only at competitions, but also on the streets of Yekaterinburg, you can meet bright interesting girls. And you may even ask their age, marital status and the exact amount of salary.

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6. Novosibirsk

Novosibirsk is known for the longest street in the world, the largest scene in the country, the abundance of Siberian pride: pine nuts. It is one of the largest Russian cities. However, there is something else that makes it unique – beautiful Russian girls. Attractive, charming and just pretty young ladies make a name for this city.

No wonder they say that in Siberia, there are incredibly beautiful girls. There are many successful models from Novosibirsk. The girls appear in commercials, on the covers of magazines, and actively use Instagram.

7. Kazan’

This ancient city has many interesting sights, and one of the most beautiful girls live here. Kazan’ is the capital of the Republic of Tatarstan and is one of the biggest cities in Russia. It is located in the central part of the country on the banks of the Volga and Kazan’ River. Kazan’ is famous for its Tatar costumes, which beauties put on for various holidays. Despite local traditions, girls like to stand out from the crowd, putting on original outfits, short skirts, showing their luxurious body shapes, doing bright makeup with red lipstick and expressive eyes.

8. Samara

Beautiful Russian girls
Beautiful Russian girls

Samara is one of the Russian cities with residents of all types. Brunettes, blondes, fair-haired, red-haired, with big eyes or puffy lips, with dark or aristocratic pale skin, tall or petite, thin or with forms – the Russian girls in Samara are different. Arriving there, every man will surely meet a girl to his taste. Therefore, the male opinion is often the same: there are many stunning beauties on the banks of the river Volga.

9. Volgograd

Beautiful Russian girls
Beautiful Russian girls from Saint Petersburg/ Image credit: Instagram

If you want to see for yourself how beautiful girls of the city are, just walk several kilometers along the pavements and sidewalks of Volgograd.

Why are Volgograd girls so beautiful? Probably because they are kind and sensitive. And kindness makes people even more beautiful than nature. Representatives of probably all nationalities of the former USSR live in Volgograd, and this fact cannot but give the Volgograd girls special uniqueness.

10. Krasnodar

Beautiful Russian girls
Beautiful Russian girls

Krasnodar is the administrative center of the Krasnodar Region. The city has many luxurious attractions, here is the birthplace of delicious fruits and vegetables. The annually obtained crop is exported from Krasnodar, and it is also known for its delicious wine. The same as the juicy fruits here and the local beautiful girls. Krasnodar is full of young beauties who attract men. In the city, you can meet elegant girls, fashionable women in short skirts or appealing neckline, as well as reserved beauties with red lipstick on their lips.

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