Ancient Alien Weapon Found On Moon Looks Similar To Ancient Hindu God Weapon


Ufologist Scott Waring believes that there are alien weapons hiding on the moon’s Jackson Crater. He made such a conclusion by studying a photo of the surface of the planet taken by NASA.

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In the photo, the virtual archaeologist saw the inscription “VEL” in Latin, and next to it, there was an upward arrow. The researcher believes that there was a certain civilization on the planet, its cities were destroyed as a result of wars.

Ancient Alien Weapon
Ancient Alien Weapon/ YouTube snapshot

The discovered weapon looks like a spear with which alien creatures waged wars among themselves.

The ufologist suggests that this may be a mythical weapon, which in some countries is treated as something divine. For example, according to the Hindu Mythology, the ‘Vel’ is the weapon used by the South Indian war God-Lord Karthikeyan, the second son of Shiva and Parvati. It is believed that such a spear was presented by aliens to earthlings as a protection against invasions from foreign civilizations.

The arrow located on the right side of the inscription is considered by the archaeologist as a pointer to the place where the weapon may be.

Waring believes the Jackson Crater may be the same place. He is also inclined to think that it was especially sheltered from earthlings on the Moon since the Earth’s population is not ready to possess such a powerful weapon.

Jackson crater
Jackson crater

Waring placed his speculation on this subject in a video on his page on the Internet.

Some Internet users seriously consider the words of the virtual archaeologist not fiction and suggest exploring the Jackson Crater during a flight to the moon.

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1 year ago

So, just looking at a rock in a picture this guy fabricates a whole story about ancient civilisations, wars and stuff. I was going to say that is ridiculous but no, ridiculous is that someone else can believe that crap