Ufologist Scott Waring Spotted 5 Km Long Alien Spacecraft On The Moon


Taiwanese ufologist Scott Waring told the public about his new finding. In photographs of the lunar surface taken by NASA during the ongoing Apollo 10 mission, he discovered a strange triangular object.

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Waring suggests paying attention to the upper right corner of the photograph where you can see a triangular UFO.

According to the ufologist, this is a huge alien ship about 5 kilometers in length. On the upper part of the starship, long diagonal lines extending from nose to tail are visible. This, according to the researcher, indicates the high strength of an alien object.

Alien Spacecraft On The Moon
Alien Spacecraft On The Moon/ Source: NASA

The researcher is very surprised that so many large objects were not removed by the space agency. We can say that we were very lucky because some alien artifacts NASA employees still lose sight of.

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