5 Hollywood Celebrities Who Have Tried Keto Diet And Seen Incredible Changes

Keto diet is not new to this world. It has been there for decades, and people try to embrace it for various reasons. Over the past few years, many people, including Hollywood celebrities, have opted for the meal plan in search of a healthy life.

Eating healthy is not only a prudent choice but also a lifesaving one. One of the diet plans that has gained momentum is the keto diet plan. The keto diet plans have also evolved widely. They now include keto diet transformation and the introduction of different supplement products, including the best keto electrolyte powder and exogenous ketone supplements.

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What is a Keto Diet?

Ketosis is an induced condition that forces the liver to produce ketones, compounds that provide alternative energy sources at the expense of carbohydrates. Therefore, the primary aim of embracing healthy keto diet plans is to restrict carbs and calories emanating from carbohydrates. People on a keto diet must consume moderate proteins, high good fat, and fruits to facilitate the breakdown of excess fat stored in the body to produce energy.

Keto diet
Keto diet helps to lose weight

The emphasis on adherence to strict meal plans outlines the validity of keto diet benefits to the human body. Some scientific researches link the keto diet to various benefits that are listed below.

Weight loss

How a keto diet helps to lose weight relies on the body’s ability to capitalize on the available fat as the primary energy source. The breakdown of excess fat to produce energy leads to a massive drop in body weight.

Prospective therapy for cancer

Researchers are optimistic that the keto regimen is effective in the management of cancer. The inspiration behind these claims relies on the body’s ability to deprive cancer cells of glucose. Quite often, cancer cells rely on glucose for their survival and antioxidative capacities. A keto regimen substitutes glucose with ketones and, therefore, may alter the function of cancer cells.

Potential management therapy for epilepsy and seizures

One of the most ancient uses of the ketogenic regimen is the management of epilepsy and related seizures. A keto regimen involves the supply of essential fatty acids and omegas to the body. These fatty acids activate various chemical receptors in the nervous system, hence enhancing their coordination and activeness. The enhancement of brain alertness is ideal for preventing seizures and epilepsy.

Despite the significance of such regimen plans, the keto diet journey is overwhelming, challenging, and subject to various uncertainties when there is inadequate planning and discipline. Celebrities, such as musicians and movie stars are on the front line in embracing such a regimen to maintain proper weights and overall body fitness. Here are some of many celebrities who have tried the keto:

1. Venus Williams

Venus was diagnosed with a condition known as Sjogren’s syndrome in 2019. Therefore, she felt the urge to embrace a healthy diet plan prominently known as the Raw Vegan regimen. The inspiration behind the adoption of such a plan was to eliminate all animal products.

Hollywood celebs tried Keto diet
Venus Williams/ Image credit: Zimbio.com

A raw vegan regimen should be eaten completely raw or heated at a reasonably low temperature (40°C to 50°C). Alternatively, it is advisable to incorporate other meal preparation methods such as juicing, blending, keto diet shakes, dehydrating, and even sprouting.

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The keto diet shopping list is diverse since it is rich in fruits, vegetables, seeds, sprouted grains, legumes, and nuts. Williams decided to alleviate the condition and acquire various benefits such as supplying the body with essential nutrients, breakdown of excess body fats, and enhanced digestion.

2. Beyonce

The famous music megastar is one of the many celebrities who embraced the veganism regimen. For instance, this plan helped her break down body fats accumulated after giving birth to three children. The veganism diet plan aims to eliminate all animal-based products from the diet through a similar approach to the raw vegan regimen. However, the only difference is that veganism involves slightly cooking as opposed to a raw vegan diet.

Hollywood celebs tried Keto diet
Beyonce/ Image credit: Daily Mail

According to Beyonce, a veganism regimen is the appropriate keto diet for vegetarians, and there are many benefits to such a plan. Like the raw vegan diet, Beyonce cited that it was ideal for facilitating weight loss, supplying the body with essential nutrients, and promoting general body fitness.

3. Kelly Rowland

Unlike celebrities like Venus Williams and Beyonce, Kelly Rowland embraces the 80/20 lifestyle that complements keto diet plans. The 80 percent represents when a person engages in healthy keto diet plans such as gluten-free foods and the avoidance of white sugar, white flour, and various salts.

Hollywood celebs tried Keto diet
Kelly Rowland/ Image credit: Instyle.com

On the other hand, the 20 percent is when individuals under this regimen eat whatever they want, enjoy, and then get back to the track. According to Kelly Rowland, it is essential to maintain discipline and determination to avoid confusion when embracing the 80/20 regimen.

4. Jessica Alba

Jessica is one of the Hollywood celebrities who adhere to the typical keto diet plan known as the Fan Four. The plan incorporates dietary fiber, protein, fat, and greens in every meal to structure blood sugar balance.

Hollywood celebs tried Keto diet
Jessica Alba/ Image credit: instyle.com

According to her, the primary priority for the Fan Four diet plan is to acquire calories that don’t release insulin, stretch the stomach, or induce appetite. The benefits of this plan are similar to those of raw vegan and veganism diet plans.

5. Vanessa Hudgens

Alongside a host of other celebrities, Vanessa Hudgens advocates for the famous ketogenic diet. The diet plan is the mother of all other healthy diet plans, since it has historical backing alongside various benefits. The plan involves obtaining keto diet calories from healthy fats, low carbs, moderate proteins, and other essential sources of nutrients such as fruits and vegetables.

Hollywood celebs tried Keto diet
Vanessa Hudgens/ Image credit: Popsugar

According to Vanessa, a ketogenic diet is ideal for maintaining proper body weight, supplying the body with essential nutrients, and alleviating risk factors for conditions such as diabetes and obesity. However, it is essential to maintain discipline and motivation to ensure full adherence to the ketogenic meal plans.

The emergence of various types of ketogenic diet plans is providing multiple benefits to human beings. These benefits include the facilitation of weight loss, reduction of risk factors for diabetes, and general body fitness promotion. Even Hollywood celebrities embrace keto diet plans such as raw vegan, veganism, 80/20, and the Fan Four ketogenic meal plans.

My name is Adam Reeve, and I have been a professional personal trainer and fitness instructor for over 10 years. Besides, I’m a life coach, wellness writer, and low-carb diets, enthusiast.
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