3 Easy Hacks For Choosing the Appropriate Handbag For You


The pandemic may have canceled several get-togethers and limited the time people spend outside their houses, but it doesn’t mean you cannot be dressed to impress. From spotting the most eye-catching handbags to donning a thoughtfully put-together OOTD to your favorite accessories, making an effort to dress up instantly brightens up your day.

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Accessories can make or break an outfit, and it will depend on how well you mix and match them with your clothes and jewelry. Quite often, some outfits lack that ‘oomph’ or somehow lack an impact simply because of the wrong choice of accessories. The good thing is that it doesn’t take rocket science to create a well-coordinated ensemble with your trusty bags.

Here’s how to choose and pair the correct bag with a suitable outfit or style:

1. Always highlight the shade of your bag

Handbags with Neutral shades fit into different outfits very well/ Image credit: Pexels

Handbags in neutral shades are easy for pairing with casual or formal attires. Neutral shades fit into different outfits very well, making it a color of choice for accessories for people who want to transition from a daytime look to a night time one almost effortlessly. To add more dimension to your outfit, pair your nude or neutral-shade handbag with metallic and gold bangles, earrings, or chains. Use the color wheel as a reference for bright-colored bags. Lemon yellow outfits create a contrasting yet chic color block with a royal blue bag. Powder or dust-pink bags go with soft-toned dresses, light brown jackets, and frilly blouses. Red is a bold color, and you can pair it with a casual and a date night look.

2. Don’t disregard the size of your bag

Smaller handbags are very convenient/ Image credit: Instagram

Smaller bags, like satchel-type ones, are convenient to carry around and are best worn on days when you need to run errands, want to stroll at the mall or take a walk in the park. You can wear them with a skirt, a dress, or even jeans and a shirt. It is a versatile style of bag that fits any fashion aesthetic. Bigger handbags are best if you want to make a statement with your outfit. Most fashion icons wear oversized bags to go with their outfits. Compact-sized bags, like clutches, are often worn during parties and social events.

3. Choose the appropriate bag for your lifestyle

Messenger handbags are good for carrying electronic items/Image credit: Pexels

Handbags are not just created for style. You also need to pay attention to their function. What kind of daily routine do you have? Do you work in an office? Do you carry around your laptop, books, files, or art materials most of the time? Do you have kids? Or are you someone who lives a pretty laid back life? If you work in the office all day, you would need a handbag that’s big enough to fit all your work and personal essentials while helping you make a statement. Toe bags and crossbody bags are the perfect choices for this kind of lifestyle. Bucket bags have a lot of storage and are designed with a drawstring and a more compact-looking style. The design makes it easy to carry around while you focus on your daily tasks. Messenger bags are great for those who bring their laptops all the time, such as students and writers.

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Whether you are into fashion or prefer dressing more casually, you should consider purchasing handbags in different styles. It is a useful accessory that you can use in your daily life or bring to various events.

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