How to Choose the Proper Workout Clothing? 


If you want clothing that feels fresh and comfortable, cotton is the way to go. However, if you are going to the gym, outdoors, or to do some physical activities, cotton is a no-go.

If your activities will make you sweat a lot, wearing workout clothing made from the right materials can be a real game-changer. Whether you are going to the gym, doing some indoor or outdoor housework, or maybe going out for a walk, workout clothing like those that are made by STAX is the best choice.

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Choose the clothing that is made from moisture-managing materials

workout clothing
Women doing workout/ Image credit: Pexels

You sweat to cool you off and help your body regulate its temperature. However, the moisture from your body can be problematic when it stays on your skin for a long time. This will lead to total discomfort. Soggy fibers rubbing on the skin may also cause chafing, cold and hot flashes, as well as hypothermia.

You have probably heard the terms “moisture-wicking” and “sweat-wicking” in outdoor and workout clothing. These are the ability of the fabric to pull up the water or sweat away from your skin and let it evaporate. Hence, your skin will become drier, allowing your body to regulate its temperature effectively.

Avoid cotton

Cotton absorbs moisture well, and it holds onto it even better – it takes a long time to dry. A soaked cotton shirt will stay wet throughout the day, and it is uncomfortable. If you are working out, your cotton shirt will become soggy and heavy, and it may induce chafing. Furthermore, if you are outdoors in winter, cotton garments will still gather moist. Being wet in cold temperatures may cause hypothermia.

Synthetic or wool?

Synthetic clothing is generally made with nylon or polyester material. These materials are quick-drying. So, if you believe that your activity will make you sweat a lot and you want to stay dry, then consider using synthetic socks, shirts, pants, or jacket. The fibers of synthetic materials are hollow, allowing it to dry fast after your activity. However, synthetic clothing holds the bad smell.

workout clothing
Image credit: Pexels

On the other hand, the wool clothing you usually think of as a winter garment is an ideal one to be worn all year-round. High-quality wool has hollow fibers that can wick or pull moisture quickly, like the synthetics, but dries slower. However, wool has antimicrobial properties, so odor-causing bacteria can’t stay in it. Wool is possibly the best fabric for maintaining your body temperature at any time of the year, and it comes in different thicknesses based on its usage and the season.

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Kinds of workout clothes to buy

If you are going to exercise indoors, lightweight synthetic workout tops and bottoms are the best choices for optimum moisture management. STAX offers a wide range of good tops and bottoms workout clothes.

Base layers are best for outdoors. Choose close-fitting leggings and long or short-sleeved tops or joggers for maximum sweat-wicking effect. Keep your feet comfortable by using either synthetic or wool socks. Try different thicknesses depending on the season.

Choosing the right workout clothing is essential to help you perform at your best, whether you are going to exercise or to do some household work. Besides, the sweat-wicking properties of this kind of clothing will keep you dry and fresh and prevent your skin from chaffing.

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