​The Hookah bar – a popular place for a nice evening


In XXI century hookah bar becomes more and more popular – hookah lovers are people of different religions, occupations, ages.

How did it start?

Hookah came from India, after some modernizations became popular in Asia, then in Egypt and Turkey. In Africa, smoking hookah also became famous long time ago.

Nowadays hookah fans are around the world, there are hookah philosophy and many hookah bar, clubs, courses.

But why going to a hookah bar is that popular?

It’s a multi-purpose way for relaxing and uniting people in a corporation party, in a cafe, restaurant and even at home. It’s very good for drawing business partners together in an informal atmosphere.

Best of all hookah is pleasant for people who are busy at work for the whole day. It’s often really necessary for them to have a rest in a comfortable relaxed sitting position, clear their head, relieve stress and remove fatigue.

Some specialists found out that hookah helps in the full relaxation of a body and gives a positive mood.

“Appealing ways to smoke tobacco, like hookah and cigars, are increasingly popular with young adults and may be undermining the gains we have made in reducing youth cigarette use,” said Andrea Villanti, Director for Regulatory Science and Policy at the Schroeder Institute at Truth Initiative.
Next group of hookah lovers is ex-smoking cigarettes lovers. Usually, they are mature people, who already felt hazards of smoking on their health. To get rid of the habit of smoking is difficult because of the psychological comfort, so they prefer to meet in a big friendly company and with no hurry breathe flavored puffs of smoke.

“I’ve smoked hookah since college, and I can tell you, most of my friends think it’s safer than cigarettes,” said Bruce Kafil, an avid hookah smoker and the owner of Lotus hookah lounge in Los Angeles.

Traditionally hookah smokers used tobacco without added flavoring. But nowadays mixing tobacco with flavors like green apple, coconut, and even bubble gum is mostly popular.

Fruit hookah is a novelty which is popular for an opportunity to make different flavor mixes and getting incredible combinations of flavor and taste. Fruit bowls give a stylish outfit, flavor aromas in the smoke, prolong the time of smoking the hookah up to 3 hours. Look through 13 unique/impressive Best Fruit Hookah Bowls – some of them are really surprising!

Hen Party – girl’s life best entertainment

“Smoking a hookah is nothing like smoking a cigarette…cigarettes are for nervous people, competitive people, people on the run…when you smoke a hookah, you have time to think. It teaches you patience and tolerance, and gives you an appreciation of good company.” -Ismet Ertep.

Smoking hookah means having some free time and having a nice company in hookah b, it leads to thinking over the meaning of life, to dream of something and get the pleasure of the process of relaxation.

If you are in the market for the best hookah available online, look here: Top Selling Hookah Pipes.

Share ur view in comments: What is your best fruit hookah choice? Do you like vaping?

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