10 weird things that have fallen from the sky


People of different countries have reported at all times about weird things that have fallen from the sky: colored water poured from heaven or some unexpected objects, or even animals. We will tell you about the ten most unusual spots of rain that have fallen out in our time.

10. Silver and gold rain – weird things

weird things
Everyone dreams of money rain, weird things, and it really does happen sometimes. June 17, 1940, in Russia, in the Nizhny Novgorod region near the village of Meshchera, silver and gold coins of the 16th-17th centuries sprang from the sky – only about 1000 pieces. It turned out that during a stormy rain the treasure with coins was washed away, and a surging hurricane picked them up and, to the delight of local residents, threw them into the Meshchera area.

9. Frogs – weird things

weird things
In 2005, frogs fell from the sky in a village in Serbia. According to eyewitnesses, thousands of frogs came down from the sky along with the rain. Ecologists explained what happened: a strong whirlwind tightened the frogs by the lake or other pond and brought them to the village, where they fell during the rain. This is a rare phenomenon known to science. In 2009, it was reported about a shower of frogs in several cities in Japan. And in 2010 frog rain fell in Croatia.

8. Fruit hail – weird things

weird things
In 2011, residents of the English city of Coventry complained about the apple rain – hundreds of fruits poured from the sky. “It was so unexpected and incomprehensible that everyone just froze,” one of the eyewitnesses of the events said. Fortunately, no one was hurt, although many cars were badly beaten. Meteorologists found the hurricane a culprit. Some Britons also saw carrots and cabbage heads among the apples.

7. Colour Rains – weird things

weird things
In the Indian state of Kerala in 2001, a blood-red rain passed. It has been pouring for two whole months. The inhabitants were frightened and saw a bad sign coloredoloured rain. Scientists hastened to reassure the population: laboratory studies have shown that, the rain has turned red due to disputes of the local lichen. In February 2015, orange snow fell in Russia, in the Saratov region: it turned out that the cyclone, which came from North Africa, brought particles of sand from the Sahara Desert. And in 2006, Colorado fell the pink snow, eyewitnesses say that it smelled like watermelons.

6. Thrills and jackdaws – weird things

weird things
Dropping dead birds from the sky is, of course, less surprising than marine life, but it all depends on the scale of such a “rain”. In Arkansas on New Year’s Eve in 2011, thousands of blackbirds fell from the sky. Local ornithologists came to the conclusion that flocks of Thrush fell into a thundercloud. A few days later, rain from the dead draws, crow and forty crashed into the Swedish city of Falkoping – the inhabitants then found about 10,000 dead birds.

5. Earthworms – weird things

weird things
In 2011, it was reported on the fall of earthworms in Scotland. They fell from the sky to the stadium of one of the schools, where the physical training was just taking place. Teacher David Crichton was forced to interrupt the lesson and send the children to the shelter. Then the teacher and his pupils collected many worms to show them to colleagues and scientists. Urban scientists put forward the idea that the worms were blown by the wind, but that day there was a quiet and clear weather so that the explanation of the phenomenon was not found.

4. Sardines – weird things

weird things
Fish showers in Honduras occur annually at approximately the same time: from May to July. And about the same place: near the town of York. From the sky falled sardines, which were happily collected by the local residents. According to eyewitnesses, the phenomenon begins at five or six in the evening: a black cloud looms over the earth, thunder roars, lightning flash and puddles fill with fish. Scientists have the explanation: strong winds and tornadoes bring fish from the Atlantic Ocean. Since 1998, the annual Rainfowl Festival has been held in York.

3. Rain from spiders in Argentina – weird things

weird things
Residents of the Australian city of Goulburn in southeastern New South Wales were surprised and frightened by the unusual rain that took place in May 2015. Instead of precipitation, millions of spiders fell to the ground from the sky. The insects immediately set to work and wrapped the neighbourhood with a blanket of cobwebs. Scientists say that this is a natural phenomenon. Usually, arthropods scatter the wind on a very large area, and no one notices it. However, this time the air flow delivered all the spiders to one place.

2. Precipitation from space – weird things

weird things
But there are times when the wind has nothing to do with. From the sky fall meteorites, debris of aircraft and debris of space debris. Since the fall of the first satellite in 1957, more than 20,000 objects from space have fallen to the Earth: an average of about 400 such debris per year. The last case occurred in the suburbs of Chita in April 2015: a mysterious object fell from the sky and exploded, frightening the eyewitnesses. After checking, it turned out that it was a military vehicle, and not a UFO, as local residents thought.

1. Root in Japan – weird things

weird things
In 1997, a fishing trawler sank in the Sea of Japan. The rescued fishermen claimed that a cow sank from the sky. They say that the fishermen were then locked in a hospital, considering the incident as a mass psychosis. But everything turned out to be not so fantastic, as we would like. After 2 weeks it turned out from where in the open sky this poor animal turned out to be. The pilots of one of the planes stole a cow to pamper themselves from time to time with steaks. But they did not consider one thing: when the plane took off, the cow got mad and began to destroy everything around, because of this the pilots decided to simply throw it overboard.

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