[Video Proof]USAF Scientist Captured Giant UFO Travelling At 29,000 Miles/Hr In 2008


A world-leading scientist and retired Boeing engineer Frederick Portigal claimed to have witnessed a shocking UFO incident. He said to have captured an unidentified object with a diameter of approx. 800 feet, allegedly flying at a speed of 29,000 miles per hour (48,000 km/h), with a specialized telescope. According to him, it was just one of the huge UFOs, of which many more have been recorded. According to Frederick Portigal, this is absolute proof that extraterrestrials are on Earth. (Video links are at the bottom of the article in the references as there was no embed option)

The data obtained by Portigal has been confirmed as authentic by the US National Air and Space Intelligence Agency (NASIC). Regarding the identity of the scientist, then Twitter user “Think Tank” has shared his conversation with Portigal where he confirmed he had worked with the US government and traveled with them on assignments.

Additionally, Portigal’s Linkedin profile says he is an expert in the analysis of hyperspectral imagery to solve environmental, geologic, medical, and military intelligence problems in the UV, VNIR, SWIR, and Long Wave.

“In my last position before retiring, I worked for the Air Force Research Laboratory at Kirkland AFB as a senior Research Physical Scientist in Albuquerque, New Mexico. (LinkedIn says April 2011-present -KB).

Air Force research laboratory;
Space Vehicles Directorate;
Battlespace Environment Division;
Battlespaces Surveillance Information Center;
Spectral Surveillance technologies Section.

My primary research was to support the Hypertemporal Imager (HTI) space experiment. I invented a Hypertemporal video detection algorithm for tracking from space through the sunlit cloud to the ground that has 10 times the s/n as the algorithm used in the space experiment.

Frederick Portigal
Frederick Portigal Linkedin screencap

I designed and carried out the development of the Hypertemporal Imaging Spectrometer (HTIS) to support the HTI space experiment and other fascinating surveillance activity The instrument was composed of two 10 inch telescopes one for the two high-speed video cameras (VIS & SWIR) and the other for the two imaging spectrometers (VIS & SWIR.) Basically hypertemporal and spectral binoculars that cost $750,000.Frederick Portigal tweet

After I retired the instrument went to NASIC and WPAFB for testing.

The actual name for the HTIS were the “Alien Hunting Binoculars” designed based on my analysis of telescope video of Alien Space vehicles in the atmosphere. My agency AFRL/RVBYI new about this but kept it quiet because the DIA and NASIC were interested in the project. Officially the instrument was the hyper-Temporal Imaging Spectrometer (HTIS) and not the Alien Hunting Binoculars (AHB.)”

Read also:

Portigal was responsible for the process flow design for the Fourier Transform Hyperspectral Imager (FTHSI), the first hyperspectral sensor launched into orbit by the US Air Force Research Laboratory / RVBYI. He created a mathematical model to simulate space observations to be conducted using Landsat 7 data.

Portigal led a USDA-sponsored study evaluating hyperspectral imaging for the detection of Pierce’s disease (PD) in California grapes. (Hyperspectral remote sensing, also known as imaging spectroscopy, is a technique being researched by scientists to detect and identify minerals, terrestrial plants, and man-made materials and landscapes)

The wormhole transportation technology and near-surface plasma-like phenomena is traveling at 29,000 miles per hour, according to the retired former Boeing senior engineer. Portigal’s telescopic video footage from January 29, 2008 captured remarkable occurrences of plasma-like objects flying at speeds beyond comprehension in the neighborhood of the Petroglyph National Monument near Albuquerque, New Mexico. His telescope was on Sandia Heights, 700 feet higher than the mesa to the west, with a slant range of about 15 miles.

In a series of tweets dated October 25, 2021 Portigal shared two papers and associated videos, as well as a number of other videos and photographs.

The abstract of his paper entitled “Star-like object in High Atmosphere Expelling a Plasma Stream

” reads: “On August 1st, 2007 in, Albuquerque New Mexico, a star like object was observed in the western sky, 22:30 MST. The object would have been easily mistaken as a star except for the unusual spectral content and high frequency fluctuation atypical of stars. The object was first noticed by eye and confirmed through binoculars as being unusual. A series of photographs were taken showing the object moving in synchronicity with the stars leading one to believe that it was simply another bright but unusual star. Inspection of the Stellarium sky chart confirmed that there were no stars in this position that could account for the observed brightness. On inspection of these photographs a single image caught the “star” ejecting a stream of plasma as bright and wide as the object itself. This spherical object was causing ionization of the atmosphere and was of similar magnitude to that of Procyon. This warranted further telescope video investigation. After extensive processing, the telescope video revealed what appears to be a plasma-like sphere spawning off disks and other classic shapes from UFO mythology.”

His other paper entitled “Near Surface Plasma-like Phenomenon Traveling at 48,000 Kilometers per Hour” dated May 21, 2009 reads: “Telescope video data from January 29th, 2008 recorded extraordinary phenomena of plasma-like objects traveling at speeds that defy the imagination in the vicinity of Petroglyph National monument in Albuquerque New Mexico…Twin spherical plasmas remain stationary as giant spherical plasma passes by at an estimated speed of 48,000 Kilometer per hour. As they pass by the stationary plasmas they appear to drop off and pick up cargo…The cargo moves rapidly to and from the stationary plasma-like spheres where they instantaneously disappear from the telescope FOV.”

Portigal concludes:

“The video clearly shows objects materializing within a frame or two of giant plasmas flying past. After transit, the plasmas disappear suggesting a link with the appearance of the cargo and giant plasmas.”

In a tweet dated October 28, 2021 Portigal wrote: “The first two videos with papers were confirmed with NASIC through back channels to be real and very sensitive. Fortunately I created and own them thus they can be released to the public.” (NASIC is the US National Air and Space Intelligence Center).

Concerning the facts, UFO researcher Keith Basterfield wrote on his personal blog that “The Hypertemporal imaging space experiment was a funded project. The object described in the 2008 papers was captured using a Nikon D40 camera, and the telescopic data via a ‘ Celestron 8 inch Newtonian reflector coupled with a Celestron CCD Solar System Imager.’ The objects described in the 2009 paper were captured using a ‘Celestron 8 inch Newtonian reflector with a Celestron Solar System Imager. The video camera is a Celestron NextImage using the Philips Toucam without optics designed to fit the telescope eyepiece.’ They were not captured using the Air Force Research Laboratory equipment.”

On social media, many people tried debunking Portigal’s videos. Some people think one video shows car headlights, while another shows an aircraft. He was well criticized, and some Internet users said his interpretation is not correct. After this, Portigal tweeted: “I am sick of the lying, redirection and disinformation. I will release a bunch more then it is off my chest and I can quit Twitter. It is no place for Scientific discussion.”

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Randy Cullinan
Randy Cullinan
6 months ago

His observation is similar to the clip showing a black form similar to a stingray back into the Sun an put out tentacles to somehow collect energy before slithering off. Its size was much more than a bump AGAINST THE ENTIRE SUN.