Top 10 healthy nations where people live more than 100 years


The author found the countries with the lowest level of obesity (the percentage of the population suffering from obesity) and the highest life expectancy and then highlighted the features of nutrition that made it possible to achieve such results. At the same time From the sources stipulates that the healthy nation, of course, does not necessarily depend only on food habits; But to adopt some useful traditions will not hurt anyone. As they say – with the world on a thread, and in this case, these “threads” are stretching from these ten countries:

1. Japan-healthy nation

healthy nation

The level of obesity: 1.5%

Average life expectancy: 82 years.

What do the Japanese people associate with Japanese cuisine? First of all, probably with rice. But the secret of this healthy nation is not at all in it. In addition to the rolls and sushi known to us, the Japanese consume a huge amount of vegetables, especially those rich in vitamins and minerals – zucchini, cucumbers, cabbage, and broccoli. The main source of protein for them is fish and soy products, that is, harmful cholesterol does not contain such a menu at all, and carbohydrates supplies traditional buckwheat noodles (not wheat like ours), in carbohydrates are special, slow, that is, they are gradually processed into Energy and are not postponed in the form of extra pounds.

To the note: for the Japanese, it goes without saying that there is not “up to the heap”, but so that you stay a little hungry. And science justifies the utility of this custom: the brain takes about 20 minutes to understand that you are full, so it’s worth waiting for a little after the end of dinner – and there is no longer want.

2. Singapore- healthy nation

healthy nation

The level of obesity: 1.8%.

Average life expectancy: 82 years.

And here rice is really the king of the table. His Singaporeans eat for breakfast, lunch, and dinner; But the scarcity of the diet, on the one hand, led to an unprecedented culinary ingenuity on the other.

Rice is always savoured with a good portion of fresh or stewed vegetables, seafood, and fish, but meat, on the contrary, is considered a rare guest in this kitchen. As a result, the inhabitants of Singapore receive huge doses of cholesterol-free healthy fats, protein and vitamins – that’s why they live to such years without problems with the heart and stomach.

To the note: almost all sweets Singaporeans are replaced by fresh tropical fruits. It is difficult for people to afford such luxury, so instead of pineapples and mangoes, one can lean on fruit purees, jelly or honey.

3. China

healthy nation

The level of obesity: 1.8%.

Average life expectancy: 73 years.

Two-thirds of the Chinese diet consists of vegetables, fruits, whole grains, and legumes. The main ingredients of most dishes are radish daikon, soy, ginger, garlic and Chinese cabbage – in general, everything that contains vitamins K, B and E, proteins and some of the minerals. The only drawback of Chinese cuisine can be called the love of this nationality for roasting. However, a real Chinese chef will never fill up vegetables or meat in a pan with boiling oil or deep fryers and certainly will not pan them. Here we use only a special method of quick roasting with constant mixing of finely chopped products. In addition, a lot of dishes are prepared for a couple or stew.

To the note: first, take on the fast fire. The more often you mix food in a frying pan, the less fat they absorb and the more useful, respectively, will remain. And secondly, try adding a little ginger to everyday dishes: this root has a wonderful property to accelerate metabolism and suppress appetite.

4. Sweden- healthy nation

healthy nation

The level of obesity: 11%.

Average life expectancy: 81 years.

In this kitchen, there are not enough fresh fruits and vegetables, but full of whole grains, sour-milk products, fish and, most importantly, the most useful northern berries.

The latter are rich in all kinds of antioxidants; Whole-grain bread supplies Swedes with the necessary amount of fiber, oily fish contribute to the strength of the cardiovascular system, and calcium from milk prevents the formation of fatty deposits.

To the note: this is not a secret, but rather an example. Swedes are very fond of skiing and burn hundreds of calories, skating on them almost all the year round.

5. France- healthy nation

healthy nation

The level of obesity: 6.6%.

Average life expectancy: 81 years.

In dietetics there is such a thing as the “French paradox”: in view of the peculiarities of the national cuisine, the French eat high-fat foods everyday cheese, chocolate, all kinds of sauces and meat but they rarely suffer from obesity. This is explained by two features: firstly, they have small portions (you will never be served in a cafe any “King-size” or “mega-something”), and secondly, in France, the tradition of the so-called ” Snack “just do not. This allows you to reduce the daily intake of calories by 400-500 on average.

To the note: the favourite way of cooking in France is baking, which, as we know, does not require the addition of butter and breading. By right it is considered one of the most healthy nation types of cooking.

6. Italy- healthy nation

healthy nation

The level of obesity: 13%.

Average life expectancy: 80 years.

Unfortunately, the so-called Italian restaurants, instilled in us a completely wrong idea of this national cuisine. At us, it is a lot of the test, cheese, meat and fat sauces, at them – paste from firm grades of wheat, vegetables, bean cultures and vegetative fats. A particularly important ingredient is olive oil, which is still exotic for countries people. It contains the so-called unsaturated fat, useful for the heart and blood vessels and prevents the formation of cholesterol plaques.

To the note: pasta is really a popular dish in Italy, but it is not eaten with huge plates (as suggested in our eateries), but as an appetiser or only a portion of the garnish. The basis of the same diet consists of steamed or boiled meat and vegetables.

7. Spain- healthy nation

healthy nation

The level of obesity: 16%.

Average life expectancy: 80 years.

Love for pork makes this nation far from the healthiest in the world, but they also have a couple of extremely useful eating habits. For example, Spanish cooks are happy to use vegetables and legumes in any form, and this fully supplies their table with fibre and vitamins. Plus, olive oil, almonds, and seafood (in particular mussels and shrimp) are also present in Spanish dishes in abundance. All these are excellent sources of “right” fats.

To note: the Spaniards extremely rarely fry products – at least the way we do it. Preference is given to such cooking methods as quenching and “dry” frying without oil.

8. South Korea- healthy nation

healthy nation

The level of obesity: 10%.

Average life expectancy: 79 years.

A typical Korean menu can rightly be called low-fat: its basis is made up of bean curd, tofu, noodles, fish and vegetables. Yes, the favourite delicacy of Koreans – fried beef – can not be called a healthy choice, but they pamper themselves very rarely, thus avoiding problems with cholesterol and stomach cancer.

To the note: many of us would do well to learn Korean restraint. If you like, for example, shortbread cookies (one of the worst enemies of a figure), try to turn it into a truly rare pleasure, so that your favourite food does not turn from pampering into an everyday dish. And save your health, and you will not have enough time.

9. Israel- healthy nation

healthy nation

The level of obesity: 24%.

Average life expectancy: 81 years.

The most useful components of Israeli cuisine are legumes, eggplants, and all the same olive oil. In addition, Israelis use abundantly all kinds of spices and herbs, supplying their dishes with antioxidants and vitamins and at the same time avoiding excess salt. At the same time, many condiments used by them – for example, pepper and turmeric – have anti-inflammatory properties and accelerate the metabolism; And sesame seeds (an obligatory ingredient of traditional hummus) are rich in calcium, zinc and folic acid.

To the note: if during the day to add to your diet about half a teaspoon of pepper, this will allow burning 30-50 kcal more.

10. Greece- healthy nation

healthy nation

The level of obesity: 25%.

Average life expectancy: 80 years.

Today’s Greece, like many other countries in the world, is captured by fast food. On their conscience and “lies” the fault that about 60% of the Greeks are overweight, but the traditional Greek cuisine does not contribute to such unenviable results. It uses a large number of fresh vegetables, olive oil, pickled cheeses and wholemeal flour products, and the place of red meat on the Greek table is rich in omega-3 acids and fish peas.


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