There Is No Vacuum In Space: Matter Exists Everywhere, Even In Vacuum


It is not so easy to achieve complete emptiness or what we call “nothing.” Even in interstellar space, a vacuum is such a thing that physicists cannot achieve in laboratory conditions, since it is impossible to pump the matter out of the chamber to the same extent, and this is far from an absolute void.

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So, let’s go straight ahead into intergalactic space. Here, the matter is even smaller, but it is still not an absolutely empty space that we should understand, so let us talk about the area between clusters of galaxies. It would seem that there is a frightening hopeless emptiness. But even here, for every cubic meter of space, there is at least one atom, although this atom may never collide with others for billions of years. Well, let it be that same emptiness.

Space vacuum

The most interesting thing is that even if there is no substance in the volume of space, the vacuum, as it turns out, is nothing. Physicists call this phenomenon the minimum state of energy. The fact is that quantum mechanics reigns supreme here.

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Even in the most “empty” vacuum, the so-called virtual particles are constantly born and die. They got their name because of their ability to appear and disappear in literally one instant. Pairs of particles are always born: proton-antiproton, electron-positron, and so on. The fact is that having appeared, these particles cannot “fix,” gaining mass and energy since they literally do not exist in this volume of space. That is, all that could be taken out of this void to try to become a substance, these virtual particles have already taken, but immediately gave it back.

Actually, there is an idea that such “boiling” led to the birth of our Universe, in view of the fact that the vacuum during Big Bang had energy somewhat higher than in our time, and sufficient to concentrate and start a chain reaction to create matter and radiation. It turns out that everything that exists now, including us, may be the result of the “boiling out” of the primary vacuum. Thus, the Universe is constantly active and is trying to create matter from what seems to us an absolute void.

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