Story Of Kidnapped UK Model Chloe Ayling Who Was Almost Sold On Dark Web For $300K


Some of the Hollywood films like “Misery,” “Room,” etc. have the most exciting plot of kidnapping with the suspense ending. But Chloe Ayling’s abduction story is not any less than a Hollywood twist.

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British Glamour model Chloe Ayling was the big sensation in the news headlines in August 2017, when she was held in captivity for 6 days after being offered a fake photoshoot in Milan, Italy.

chloe ayling uk model
Chloe Ayling, 24, British Model/ Image credit: chloeayling97 (Instagram)

Chloe Ayling, a former contestant of the British reality show “Celebrity Big Brother,” got a modeling project by a Polish man named Łukasz Herba in July 2017. Hebra worked for a group of Romanian traffickers called Black Death.

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In her statements, Chloe said that the tranquilizer ketamine had been injected into her body. Her kidnapper tied her hands with handcuffs, put her in a large black suitcase, and she was taken by car to a remote farmhouse near Turin.

She (then 20) was held in captivity for 6 days by Herba and could have been sold on the dark web as a sex slave for $300,000.

But the story does not end here. According to the reports, Ayling had spent around 3 weeks in Italy while the police were investigating her case before she returned home in south London.

chloe ayling uk model
Chloe Ayling burst into tears while giving her first interview on TV in her mother’s garden.

Ayling gave her first interview in a low-cut top and hotpants while playing with a dog in her mother’s garden. She was happily smiling when the reporters reached her.

Many people believed that it was just a publicity stunt for grabbing attention and gaining followers on social media.

Reporters started asking her difficult questions like why she had been spotted with her kidnapper by a CCTV, holding his hand, and shopping in an Italian village?

On October 4, 2017, Chloe appeared on the talk show “Good Morning Britain,” where the host of the show interrogated her. She was asked why she would hang out with her kidnapper and buy new shoes. Her answers were not convincing but she stood her ground and said: “It will all come out in the end.”

Let’s hear what Lukasz Herba had to say.

chloe ayling uk model kidnap 2
Lukasz Herba arrested by the police and sent to jail for 16 years in Italy.

During his hearings, Herba (then 30) claimed that Chloe was facing financial difficulties, so they agreed to this modeling project to help her with money after her son was born. He also claimed he was in love with her and the kidnapping was staged and inspired by the film “By Any Means.”

Later in 2018, he was found guilty by the court in Milan for drugging Ayling with ketamine and was sent to 16 years of jail on the charges of abduction and auctioning her on the dark web for $300K.

Brit model Chloe Ayling
Brit model Chloe Ayling was drugged by Herba and then taken to a remote village near Turin.

Chloe said that Herba had tried to brainwash her, saying that he was a member of Black Death to whom he had to pay a debt of $300K if they want to be free.

He also told Ayling that if she was sold as a slave, she would be fed to tigers by her buyer if he got bored. He also told her that she was kidnapped by two Black Death men from Milan but when he found out that they made a mistake, he came to rescue her from Rome. Because it is unethical for the group to kidnap pregnant women and mothers as they are not worthy in the market.

chloe ayling uk model
Photo of the farmhouse where Chloe Ayling held in captivity for 6 days by Herba

Later, in the court, it was proved that Herba had been lying, and he admitted that he had created the fake group and planned the kidnapping with his brother Michael.

Why did Chloe not scream or ask for help while shopping?

Here, the story becomes more intense when Ayling said that she had spent the first day in the farmhouse handcuffed to the furniture. She even did not resist saying “no” when Herba asked her to share a bed with him the next day. She was terrified and had a feeling that if she could make him feel better then maybe he would help her escape.

Ayling was totally brainwashed when Herba told her another lie that they had already met earlier in April 2017 during a fake photoshoot in Paris.

Herba changed his story several times. While Ayling was in captivity, he told her that Black Death paid him to kidnap her but when he found that she was a mother, he refused.

In court, he had a different one. He indeed had a plan to kidnap Ayling but panicked when he heard about the terrorist attack on the Champs Élysées.

Nevertheless, now we know that Herba is a serious offender here, Ayling had no clue that he was the mastermind behind her abduction. Until the court gave its judgment, she was still thinking that she was helping him to pay back his debt to Black Death.

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Chloe Ayling
Chloe Ayling during her first interview in 2017

Herba asked her that after his release from the jail, she should transfer $58,000 in bitcoin and help him expose Black Death to the public.

Herba knew his plan had failed and due to some empathy left in him for Ayling, he drove her to the UK consulate in Milan. They had breakfast together before the consulate opened and were laughing together. Herba said to Ayling to tell everybody that he was her friend and helped her escape from kidnapping.

When Chloe Ayling’s story hit the media, she was accused of faking her own kidnapping. She even got a chance to feature in “Celebrity Big Brother,” where she admitted to having shared a bed with former English footballer, Jermaine Pennant.

Ayling, 24, is also an Instagram model, where she was more than 200K following.

chloe ayling uk model
Michael Herba found guilty in Chloe’s kidnapping and charged with the same sentence as his brother.

Last year, Herba’s brother, Michael, was given the same sentence as his brother. He was arrested by the cops in Midlands, England.

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1 year ago

[…] Story Of Kidnapped UK Model Chloe Ayling Who Was Almost Sold… […]

1 year ago

[…]  Story Of Kidnapped UK Model Chloe Ayling Who Was Almost Sold On Dark Web For $300K […]

1 year ago

[…] Story Of Kidnapped UK Model Chloe Ayling Who Was Almost Sold On Dark Web For $300K […]