Steps To Build A Wormhole Released: Can Scientists Create one?


A team of astrophysicists has released steps for creating a wormhole. All you need is two charged black holes and two cosmic strings stretched to infinity.

According to some science fiction writers, wormholes are an excellent method for interstellar travel. But there is one problem: they are catastrophically unstable. It is worth running through them at least a couple of photons, as the wormhole begins to collapse. However, a group of astrophysicists from the University of California at Santa Barbara found the way to build an almost stable wormhole through which even objects can be sent.

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Let’s create a wormhole

First, you need the wormhole itself, which should have an input and an output. Their function can be performed by charged black holes. Sometimes black holes can carry an electric charge.

Do you think scientists can create a stable wormhole?

Inside such a hole, the usual, point singularity is stretched and distorted, which allows form ing a bridge to another black hole, with the opposite charge. So, the mole hole appears.

However, it still has two problems. Firstly, it is unstable. Secondly, two black holes with an opposite charge will attract each other due to the action of gravitational and electric forces, and you will get one large neutrally charged black hole, while the second one will be a completely useless black hole for travelers.

A potential solution is cosmic strings, a hypothetical relict object resembling cracks when the ice freezes, only in the fabric of space-time. They formed shortly after the Big Bang, not wider than a proton, but every single inch of these cosmic leftovers are heavier than Mount Everest. They also have another useful quality – great elasticity.

If you pass a string through the wormhole and stretch the ends in both directions to infinity, then the tension in the string will keep the two charged black holes from approaching.

How to stabilize the matter between two black holes?

It remains to deal with instability. For it, you need another cosmic string, which should be passed through the wormhole and connect the ends into a ring in ordinary space between black holes. Then they will begin vibrating, creating a negative mass inside the wormhole and thereby stabilizing it.

All this looks a little complicated, but scientists give step-by-step instructions for creating such a wormhole. The solution is not perfect: the vibration of the string gradually deprives it of energy and mass, and over time the structure will decay. But until this happens, it will be possible to travel through the wormhole.

But first, you need to find cosmic strings.

Not all scientists are so optimistic. For example, physicists from Harvard believe that it is hardly worth moving through the wormhole tunnels: the path through such a hole will take longer than if you were moving directly without any tricks.

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