​Sexy Ankles – is the matter in comfort or just in fashion?


The time when you can look fashionable for street style trends without high hills or a miniskirt has started at last. Street fashion is usually not only more comfortable but even more stylish and elegant than items on fashion shows.

But what about sexy ankles – why have people forgot about long socks that fast?

Why do they tuck their jeans for showing ankles?

The most popular answers are: not to go to a tailor’s, to make the point on the shoes, to show off so sexy ankles. As unisex becomes more and more popular, male outfits add female lines to men’s fashion, that’s why naked ankles are believed to look sexy both on men and women.


How to use this trend right, using all the benefits?

Opened ankles make a contrast between jeans and shoes, show something chic in it, as for draw others’ attention. They also can make your legs look longer and thinner, if only you will try it with tight pants and keep your hems close.

The end of the trouser should sit about two inches from the rim of the shoe, exposing only the start of the ankle, but not higher.

Choose the right shoes – loafers look perfect for this aim. Low-cut sneakers, brogues, monk strap, derby’s also fit this idea quite well.

Look through 14 shoes that look great if you want to go sockless.

Buy the right shoe size and try to find softer leather, from breathable natural fabrics. Have some pairs of the same style of shoes.

Experiment with using some tan: tanned skin looks sexier. Choose light-colored clothes and remember that with naked ankles you shouldn’t be dressed formally – everything can be made to look casual, even a suit without a tie; don’t forget to consider the occasion.


Best of all going sockless can be combined with these items: a statement sweatshirt, a blanket coat, pajama pants, sweats out, layer cardigans, a printed coat, a stylish zip-up hoodie, a small kerchief.

Look through this page for the new ideas of casual looks: 10 Bloggers With The Best Casual-Cool Style.

Don’t forget that opened ankles help in a demonstration of the cost of your pants – the quality of manufacturing the seams will show how expensive your clothes is.

And don’t go out without any socks – think about your skin.

Choose short invisible thin socks which nobody will see your shoes, like footie discreet socks. Keep your feet dry, using some special foot powders/ foot sprays.

Here are some nice examples of Sockless Men’s Fashion.

Remember to look through the weather forecast – care about your skin in winter, to show off with your ankles when it will be warm; you will look strange in a hat, scarf, gloves but sockless, so better wait for summer/spring seasons – pick your moment.

Don’t try to look cool too hard, just relax and remember about your comfort – then going sockless you will really look stunning.

Share ur view in comments: Do you mind going sockless? Is street fashion important for you?

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Gerardo Hanline
3 years ago

Thanks for creating this post it was alomst what I was looking for, using this and a little search on Google I had most of what I wanted to get.

Alexandria Meneal
3 years ago

Excellent web site. Lots of useful info here. I¡¦m sending it to several pals ans additionally sharing in delicious. And naturally, thanks to your sweat!