Are Martians Trying To Contact Earthlings? Secret Alien Message Found On Mars


Earth exists for 4.54 billion years, humanity – 2.4 million years, and aliens – not more than 100 years. Scientists cannot recognize the existence of aliens, because the existence of life in space has not been proved. But this does not stop UFO hunters from finding more evidence supporting the existence of civilizations outside the Earth. Contrary to popular belief that there are no aliens, a secret alien message was found on Mars.

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Mars Photos captured by NASA’s Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter confirmed that there are secret bases under the red soil. Scientists approached the colonization of Mars and developed a computer model of the defrosting of water on the planet. Humans have already made plans to colonize Mars, but is it worth to fly to Mars if someone lives there?

If aliens arrived on Earth, would we fight? Naturally! Then why should Martians surrender their territory?

The message on the Red Planet is held on all banks of the archives. Ufologists have to sort through many options for interpreting the message of the aliens.

Secret code on Mars
NASA captures a secret alien message on Mars/ Image credit: NASA

“E” and “T” were written by unknowns on Mars, but what this means is a mystery of the century. In sci-fiction, E.T. is famous for “extra terrestrial.” It is possible that this is a hint of the existence of aliens warning people about the impending disaster.

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An increase in average temperatures on Earth leads the planet into the abyss. Climatic conditions resemble a catastrophe film where a person “burns out” without a right to the future. Mars is a pretty cool planet with a temperature of minus 62 degrees Celsius, but it changes depending on the season, time of day and location. The equator has a temperature of 27 degrees, and the poles 175 degrees below zero.

Therefore, ufologists do not discard the probability of alien life on the equator of Mars.

Thus, the world’s first alien message was found on Mars, and now the most important thing remains unsolved. Have aliens prepared an underground shelter for humans to save us from hot temperatures on Earth? Or should we prepare for a space war?

Scientists do not believe in the significance of the “message” and insist that it is not worth believing in science fiction and non-existent aliens.

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