2 Popular street food recipes of corn on the cob


A popular street food, which looks good and delicious, quick and easy-to-make dish for a party, – corns on the cob – is a great choice if you want to try something new and versatile. Although it’s the Mexican native dish, such food is cheap and widely available.

Corn is a symbol of Mexico and very popular street food. Street sellers cook it right on the fresh air. In every state, there are different traditions and recipes. There are some variants to make corns ready: grilling, boiling, roasting, cooking in a microwave oven.

They also can grow for eating, made as a corn ice-cream, corn yogurt or corn cookies. Strong tasting food, it has soft and moist texture, salty and sweet at the same time. Sometimes lime juice can be added for a nice sour taste.

How to choose the best corn?

Select the corn which hasn’t been exposed to any substantial amount of heat. In the grocery store choose corns, displayed in a refrigerated produce bin, or at least in a cool store location, not near the direct sun. Find the corn with fresh, green and not dried out husks, which envelope the ear and not fit too loosely around it. Examine the kernels, gently pulling them back on some part of the husk – they should be plump and tightly arranged in rows.

To enjoy the full sweetness of fresh corn, eat it the day of purchase, however, new varieties allow you 3 days to still enjoy its optimal flavor.

How to cook it? Here are 2 different kinds of recipes for the Mexican corn on the cobs.
I. The traditional Mexican corn on the cob:
1) Melt some butter in a pot;
2) Mix corn with butter;
3) Add sliced chili peppers and cook a little more;
4) Add some salt and a glass of water;
5) Cook a little more until done.

II. Mexican street corn on the cobs:
1) Spread cream on a boiled corn on the cob;
2) Sprinkle cheese powder and chili powder to your preference;
3) Serve it on a stick. Chilies in hot pepper powder give a distinctive flavor.
And no worries about experimenting – these dishes have no specific amounts of ingredients.

But why corns?

Corn in an important part of traditional diets linked to longevity and overall health, just be careful if you have a sensitive digestive system.

Here are just some health benefits of a corn on the cob and reasons why you should add it to your diet:

✔ a rich source of vitamins A, B, E and many minerals;

✔delays aging process;

✔natural teeth whitening;

✔removes facial acne scars;

✔protects your heart;

✔lowers cholesterol;

✔boosts immune system;

✔improves bone strength;

✔high in fiber;

✔naturally gluten-free;

✔improves vision.

Here is some Nutritional information, Diet information, Calories in corn on the cob (yellow, boiled, no salt).

It’s sweet, but has less sugar than an apple!

This dish really sounds delicious and healthy, so why don’t taste it?

Share ur view in comments: Do you like corns? How do you usually cook them and what are your favorite corn recepies? What is your favorite walking food?

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