This Musical Martian Sunrise Is Just Amazing


Scientists are well aware of Mars, particularly, its appearance. But it is much harder to detect sounds on the Red Planet and listen to them. We simply do not have powerful microphones that can hear the sound of wind on the Martian plains or Musical Martian Sunrise.

Musical Martian Sunrise
Musical Martian Sunrise /Pixabay

Scientists from the University of England Ruskin and the University of Exeter have created interesting music that is not just inspired by Mars but is actually compiled by a computer algorithm that took the sunrise on Mars for the original data.

The result is the surprisingly pleasant music that you can listen to as well. This excerpt lasts just for a couple of minutes. If you ever find yourself on Mars and have the opportunity to hear the same sounds with your ears, you will have something to compare with.

How does Mars sound?

In order to compose a sound, scientists created a piece of music by scanning from left to right, pixel by pixel, studying information about brightness and color and combining it with the rise of the surface. Then the algorithm assigned a specific tone and melody to each element.

Dr. Domenico Vicinanza is one of the project’s scientists. He noted that they used “a fairly flexible method for scientific research that can be used in various fields.”

The work itself will actually be performed at the SC18 supercomputer conference in Dallas on November 13. Listeners in the audience will hear the Musical Martian Sunrise through ordinary speakers and “vibration transducers.”


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