How To Live Without Money Or Without Job In 2021?


A huge number of people all over the world do not depend on finance and make a living without money in 2021. And these are not even representatives of wild African tribes, but people who were born in a civilized society and refused to use finances for some reason. Hippies, wild tourists, freegans, representatives of certain religious communities, and just experimenters… they all found a way to be happy without money.

1. Best Way to Make Living Without Money

live without money
live without money

If your pockets are completely empty, there is no place to live, and there are no prospects, you can try to become an employee in the monastery: it is a person who lives in the holy monastery, getting food and shelter for his work.

You can offer to weed the garden, take care of livestock or poultry, clean the premises, etc. Working at a monastery is the real way to live without money for a long time. If necessary, you can even get some clothes.

Believers, as a rule, bring unnecessary things to the monastery to distribute them to those who are in need.

If your personal views allow, you can ask for help from other religious denominations. For example, to the Krishnaites. In many cases, Hare Krishnas host people who are in a difficult situation and looking for ways to survive without money.

A bed, vegetarian food,

as well as intimate and informal conversations can be provided to you if you ask shaven guys in robes and bells for help. It should be noted that it is very interesting to be among the Hare Krishna people.

And many people of those who communicated with them do not lose contact with new acquaintances even after the question “whether it is possible to live without money” ceases to be relevant.

2. How to travel without money?

live without money

Today, control over the freight trains is much better than decades ago, however, there are also ways to move for free. For example, hitchhiking.

People for whom the question “how to live without money” is a matter of principle, travel only around the highway. We cannot say that this is a very safe way of traveling, but thousands of people around the world have no idea what a queue in the ticket office is.

Deciding to become a hitchhiker, it is worth remembering some of the laws of this genre.

It is better to travel with a person of the opposite gender. Women, as a rule, cause more confidence among drivers, so they can stop and pick a man and a woman rather than, for example, two men.

Beautiful girls are better at catching the car (while the young man sits somewhere near the curb).

You can travel around the track anywhere in the world, but it is better to ask the drivers to throw you short distances.

For a hitchhiker who decides how to survive without money, it is better to have some means of protection (spray, electric shocker, etc.), but there is no need to demonstrate them without real necessity.

3. How to have fun without money?

live without money
Girl having fun/Joint Base Charleston

When deciding whether it is possible to live without money, do not forget about entertainment. At your service, there are not only walks in the fresh air and romantic gatherings in a park near fountains, but also trips, for example, to the cinema.

Convincing the administrator is not difficult with certain communication skills. Sometimes, as an experiment, journalists make raids on cinemas and try to get into a film show, having a pleasant chat with a pretty girl administrator. They say that the chances of watching a film without money are about 50%. Thus, the question “How to spend time without money?” is also resolved.

4. How to live a simple life without money?

live without money
live without money

In general, such a need as living without money is able to awaken all the dormant creative abilities. In this case, communication skills are of paramount importance.

The faster and “better” a person attracts other people, the longer he will be able to hold out without finances. As for girls, without a livelihood, you can actively use your rules not to pay for dinner if you are invited by a man.

Of course, it is more difficult for men to eat at someone else’s expense, but this task is also solvable, one has only to approach it from a creative point of view.

5) How to forget about money forever?
Find a person who needs to look after the house. This is a good chance to make a living without money in 2021. You can get rid of all the property that does not fit in a small suitcase and move to the customer.
At first, you can stay with old acquaintances, helping them around the house. Then, other people will invite you. If you make friends with shop assistants, they will leave unsold food for you.

6) How to get food and supplies without money?

Natural exchange is gaining popularity on the Internet. For example, in the “Help for food” groups, they are ready to do a manicure, print out a text, and help in repairs for the “payment” in the form of cakes, nuts, dry fruits, cheese, and sausages.

Another thing is food-sharing groups, in which they donate excess food. The proposal to “save” the fluffy buns in the confectionery draws a lot of attention. Ordinary people give mainly cereals and sweets unopened. Exotic products, sauces, syrups are considered acceptable to be offered with the package open, but full.

You can also update household chemicals and cosmetics without spending money when testing products. So many sites have suggestions for testing shampoos, balms, creams, and pads. You should wait for the next offer, fill in an application and look for your name in the list of participants, after which a parcel with the tested agent will come to the mail. For this, you will have to write a detailed review of the product.

Those who wish to receive gifts and bonuses have been united in groups. Participants collect information about gifts, a free exchange of empty jars of cream for new ones (moreover, for the exchange, most often you can get new cosmetology items).

7) How to get clothes without money?

In our era of consumerism with a huge number of goods, people are ready to give away things without taking money: clothes, books, magazines, CDs. Therefore, if you want fashionable novelties, you should go to a dress-crossing party, where girls exchange clothes. All items are selected by the organizers of such parties, used and defective clothes are eliminated. You can find information about such events on social networks. And you have to come in advance, good things go away quickly!

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3 years ago

Very interesting information!Perfect just what I was looking for! “We are shaped and fashioned by what we love.” by Johann von Goethe.