How to Improve Spiritual Health: 4 Tips for Everyone


Most people focus more on physical health than they do on spiritual health. The two are equally important for the general functioning of the body. Therefore people must invest equally in soul searching and physical health.

So what is spiritual health?  It involves finding meaning and purpose in life and learning to appreciate yourself in the process. One of the techniques in doing so is investing in good sex life. Thanks to technology, millennials can enjoy casual intercourse without any commitment from free hookup sites. Good sexual intercourse is known to release oxytocin which is a stress and anxiety reliever that promotes spiritual health.

Here are a Few Other Ways to Improve Spiritual Health.

1. Exploring your Spiritual Core

This is a process of asking deeper questions that give meaning to who you are and your purpose in life. Asking questions like, who am I? What is my purpose in life? What do I value the most? Am I happy? Such questions play a big part in understanding your emotional, spiritual health, and inner being.

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For instance, taking a nature walk or going for a fishing trip are some of the best times to ask these questions. Nature is known to heal the mind. Enjoying the fresh breeze of nature while internalizing your spiritual health is one of the best remedies.

Seeking help from a counselor also can help explore your spiritual core. If one cannot find the answers they need while going through the process alone, consulting a professional is okay. With the guide of a counselor, you can dig deeper into your spiritual core and boost your mental, physical and spiritual health.

Another way of exploring your spiritual core is searching for happiness. Being happy can be described as the perfect spiritual health meaning. People should explore their minds and know what makes them happy because with happiness comes peace of mind.

2. Meditation

Meditation involves engaging the mind to achieve a more relaxed and focused state which reduces stress and anxiety. The exercise can take from as little as ten to fifteen minutes, making it a great healthy daily exercise.

People that meditate tend to live happier lives and have better spiritual health than those that don’t. During meditation, the brain releases endorphins, the “happy hormones,” bringing about positive thoughts. Once the mind focuses on positive thoughts, it drains all the tension, and you become calm.

Improve Spiritual Health
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Besides bringing happiness, meditation helps reduce stress, anxiety, and depression, essential for spiritual health. The happy hormones released during meditation help drain away from the negativity that causes stress and depression. It also helps develop the patience to handle each of life’s problems at a time.

From meditation’s role, spiritual health could be described as the calm state of the mind and soul. One more thing to note about meditation is that the results are instant, so practicing it each day guarantees better spiritual health for the long term.

3. A Positive Environment

People are mostly a product of the company they keep. If you stick around people with negative thoughts, you are likely to embrace that. A positive spiritual environment is great for the mind and soul, therefore improving one’s spiritual health.

You should avoid keeping company with people that always carry negative energy. Energy is shared, and if you keep negative company for the longest part of your life, you will think of life from a negative perspective.

People should be conscious of negative and positive criticism. Learn not to ignore the negative criticism and embrace the positive. If someone keeps focusing on every negative word said to them, they are likely to give up in life.

When someone allows other people’s words to control them, they can easily develop depression, harming their spiritual health. Since you have to learn to co-exist with some people, especially at work, one can read motivational books to feed their spiritual life and gain energy to face each day.

4. Learning to Express Yourself

One of the importance of spiritual health is being able to express yourself. Speaking out promotes confidence which is a winning tool in a healthy life. There are many ways one can express themselves; one of the techniques is learning to speak out. For instance, if you are always in the company of someone that says things that offend you, it is wise to let them know what they are doing is wrong. By speaking out, you prevent that situation from recurring, which would have otherwise caused you mental torture.

Another way of expressing yourself is journaling. Writing down your feelings, either daily or weekly, ensures to keep one’s mental health in check. Even better, you can incorporate it with counseling. If one finds a pattern in situations that cause them discomfort, they can consult a professional. With a professional’s help, you can open up and declutter your mind of all the negativity.

Cooking, dancing, and drawing are other ways people can express themselves. When people do activities they love, there is a feeling of fulfillment that comes with it. Such a feeling is a perfect example of spiritual health, and people should aim for that more often.

The tips discussed above provide answers to most people’s spiritual health questions, like “what is spiritual health defined by”? There are more answers to the question, but these four steps can help start your journey to improve your spiritual health.

What more questions do you have on spiritual health? Kindly feel free to share with us and tell us more about your journey to spiritual health in the comments section.

Robert Faulkner is a family and child psychologist. He has been working with couples of different ages and wants to share his thoughts about relationships with you. Robert’s hobby is traveling inside the UK and abroad. He has visited more than 15 countries, including the USA, Spain, France, the Netherlands, etc. One of Robert's biggest dreams is to take a photo on the top of Everest. More info about Robert and his thoughts you can find out on the one of his free hookup sites.
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