Hopkinsville UFO Encounter: Spaceship & Little Alien Creatures Terrified 12 People Of Farm Family


Kelly–Hopkinsville encounter is the most frightening UFO incident that occurred to the farm family known as the Suttons in 1955. The case included an encounter with little creatures that were described as not from Earth. On August 21, at about 7 p.m., the Sutton family’s friend Bill Ray Taylor, leaving the house to collect water from nearby, noticed a silvery round object in the sky, emitting a multi-colored light. Taylor claimed that the object flew over the house, stopped in the air, and descended on the ground.

21-year old Taylor came from Pennsylvania to his friend Lucky Sutton, with whom he had worked in a traveling amusement fair. Around 12 people were present that day in the Suttons’ house including Taylor, his wife, and 7 children. Taylor ran into the house and started shouting that he had just seen a flying saucer landed in the backyard. His gestures made everyone laugh at him.

Hopkinsville Goblin 1955
Elmer and John Sutton, as well as O. P. Baker, were among the 12 people at the Suttons’ house who had witnessed little green men.

Everybody was in a good mood as they got together after a long time and were enjoying an August evening after Sunday dinner prepared by Glennie Lankford who owned the farm. Taylor’s flustered story didn’t convince anyone, even his wife. He persisted, claiming that even the dog huddled under the porch with its tail tucked in fear between its legs. But his friend Lucky ignored his scary story.

About an hour later, when the dog burst into wild barking under the porch, Lucky went out to see what the dog was barking at. Taylor also rushed out the door with him. They both walked to the well where Taylor tried convincing Lucky by showing him the point where he spotted the object. As there was no proof of the landing, Taylor calmed down and the dog also had stopped barking.

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Hopkinsville encounter
Newspaper clipping of the Hopkinsville encounter

Then the men saw a small humanoid creature that appeared to be a “little man,” although not quite a man. It was about a meter tall, with an almost perfectly round huge head, and arms that almost reached the ground. The long arms had claws on their fingers, the creature had a thin mouth, and big bat-like ears. The eyes were much larger than human eyes and glowed with a yellowish light. The creature appeared to be made of gray, silvery metal that emitted light in the dark like a phosphorescent watch dial.

Both men grabbed their guns and fired at the creature. It raised its arms up and fled into the darkness. Shortly after it, another small creature appeared, again the men fired at it but the bullet could not harm it, and the creature also disappeared.

“I went out in the hallway and crouched down next to Billy, when I saw one approaching the door. It looked like a five-gallon gasoline can with a head-on top and small legs. It was a shimmering bright metal like on my refrigerator,” Mrs. Lankford told Isabel Davis, an author of the extensive report called “Close Encounter at Kelly and Others of 1955.”

Despite the fact that Lucky and Taylor guarded the entrances, the rest of the family continued their daily activities and thought they just kept on joking.

little green men
Illustration depicting the “little green men” described by Billy Ray Taylor Image credit: J. Allen Hynek Center for UFO Studies

Taylor saw the creature jumped onto the roof of the house when it got hit. When he jumped out onto the porch to fire another shot, a “claw-like hand” came down from the roof above the door and grabbed his hair. He froze as long, thin fingers grabbed his hair and then continued to drag him up. His wife was terrified from what she saw in the backyard, squeezed through the door and grabbed Taylor’s arm, pulling him inside. The next moment, Lucky pushed past them with his shotgun. He raised the barrel and fired at the target. But the creature just rolled off the roof, fell to the ground, and rushed into the forest.

The men took everyone away from the door and analyzed the situation. Three of them were armed. They decided to go outside to check if the creatures left their place. They found one on a tree and another on the ground right in front of Lucky Sutton. The men again fired at them but every time they rolled over, fell back, and disappeared for a few minutes. However, they kept coming back over and over again.

UFO Studies
Image credit: J. Allen Hynek Center for UFO Studies

The situation became incomprehensible, Lucky took everyone to Hopkinsville to get help from the police. Two trucks, one after the other, visited the Hopkinsville Police Station at almost 12 a.m., and then 12 people, including five adults and seven children tumbled out of the trucks and occupied the entire visitor area. The officer present at the moment called his boss, Sheriff Russell Greenwell.

Greenwell, who had personally seen an unidentified object in the sky several years ago, was immediately mobilized. It was assumed that the creatures were still present at the farm, so Greenwell took this story very seriously by requesting reinforcements from the state.

“These aren’t the kind of people who normally run to the police for help,” police chief Russell Greenwell later told investigators. “What they do is reach for their guns.”

A total of sixteen cops rushed to the farm. Within half an hour, Sutton’s farm was overrun with police. The terrified Suttons were waiting in their trucks. Meanwhile, rumors spread of a “Martian invasion” at the Sutton Farm. The farm was soon visited by the journalists and locals.

After a two-hour inspection of the house and surroundings, the only clues the police could find were shell casings, gunfire marks, and a glowing spot in the grass behind the fence.

The glowing trail was about 18 inches and was located in the place where the monster was supposedly charged with a shot. But no one thought about taking soil samples. The next day, the stain disappeared.

There was no indication that the Suttons were imagining all of this or attempting a hoax, nor was there any obvious evidence that any creatures were attacking the house. However, the cops could not find any danger. Greenwell asked the Suttons to return home.

While the incident eventually attracted the attention of the Air Force UFO-investigation program Project Blue Book, documents suggest that its team never officially pursued the matter, beyond checking in with their Fort Campbell counterparts who had been briefly at the scene the first night.

The incident even grabbed the attention of the US Air Force, but the documents of Project Blue Book suggested that the case was not pursued officially. But the Kelly incident was undertaken by ufologist Isabel Davis in 1956, who studied similar incidents that happened around the world. She made a 200-page report on the matter which was published by J. Allen Hynek. Her report included “detailed maps, drawings, documentary records, summaries of similar accounts around the world and interviews with several Sutton family members and police investigators.”


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