Futuristic Astronaut Helmet Design Inspired From Iron Man


American company Hypergiant Industries claims that it has created a futuristic astronaut helmet design, which has a display that reflects information about the state of the carrier’s body.

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Hypergiant Industries is engaged in development in the field of artificial intelligence. Its representatives talk about creating a helmet that will help astronauts get more information during missions and make it easier to perform complex tasks. The helmet is called HyperVSR. Its display, like the Iron Man’s helmet, reflects various data, including the mission objectives and the state of the body.

Company executive Ben Lamm said:

“Space is an unpredictable environment, where challenges can change dramatically over the course of just a few minutes.”

He also noted that the company has designed a helmet which would help the astronauts to check the status of their health.

The authors placed three tags on the glove suit, each of which corresponds to certain data: astronaut vital signs, emergency alerts, and details of the mission. The astronaut helmet recognizes which of the tags the carrier is looking at and displays the required information on the display.

Representatives of the company do not hide the fact that the work on the helmet is still ongoing. Now, they are engaged in software. However, they are looking for customers interested in technology. According to them, the company has already demonstrated a prototype of the astronaut helmet to several contractors. This summer, negotiations will be held with US government organizations.

Earlier, Microsoft had introduced the second version of the HoloLens mixed reality glasses prototype at the Worldwide Mobile Technology Show in Barcelona (MWC Barcelona). The company claims to have added manipulation to “instinctive interactions” and expanded the viewing angle.

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3 years ago

[…] Hypergiant Industries však v súčasnosti buduje softvér pre HUD helmy, no aktívne hľadá zákazníkov, ktorých by táto technológia zaujímala. Toto leto sa vraj budú konať rokovania spoločnosti s vládnymi organizáciami USA, píše portál How and Why’s. […]