First Color Of The Universe Is Revealed, And It Is Not Black


The universe is filled with visible and invisible colors, old and new. Most of us think that the only color that would have appeared during the time of Big Bang, which happened almost 14 billion years ago, was black. In reality, the first color of the universe was not black, not white, not blue and not yellow.

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First Color Of The Universe
Illustration of the Universe Expansion from Big Bang To modern times/ Image source: NASA

According to experts, it was an orange-white and insanely bright glow, reminiscent of the warm light of an obsolete 60-watt bulb.

Cosmos literally bathes in a sea of light, it is filled with the blue-white flickering of young stars, the frightening blackness of the regions of space-time, and the deep red glow of hydrogen clouds. Scientists distinguish between visible, invisible, ancient and new colors.

At the same time, experts highlight the very first color, which appeared almost 14 billion years

after the beginning of the Big Bang Universe. At first, due to the huge temperatures, no light existed; it appeared only when the cosmos was sufficiently cool. It took the universe 380,000 years to cool down.

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First Color Of The Universe
The first Color Of The Universe/ Image source: Planck/IPAC

By that time, the diameter of the observable Universe was a diameter of 84 million light-years, full of cosmic clouds of hydrogen & helium.

Modern scientists claim that the first color of the universe resembled a bonfire and was an orange glow. In the future, it will begin to fade and acquire a red tint. This will be a period of expansion and cooling of the universe. As a result, it will turn black.

It is noteworthy that in 2002, scientists were able to determine the average color of the universe, which the human eye can see when observing outer space. It is also the current color. According to experts, this is a pale brown shade, reminiscent of the appearance of coffee made with cream. Scientists have called this color “cosmic latte.”

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