Elon Musk Wants To Blow Up Mars Where NASA Is Looking For Life: Why?


NASA’s chief scientist, James Green, told the world that the Mars 2020 mission will be primarily focused on finding life on the red planet. According to him, NASA will find life in the next 2 years (it takes that much time for the innovative Mars 2020 rover to arrive on the planet). However, the head of SpaceX, Elon Musk, who supplies the agency with missiles for the delivery of Mars rovers, said some time ago that humanity needed to carry out a nuclear bombardment for Mars.

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Something is wrong here. If NASA is confident that it can find life there, then they have already found a number of strong evidence. So, why does Musk want to blow up the planet on which the Space Agency is looking for life? The expert conducted an investigation and came to shocking conclusions.

Elon Musk
Elon Musk hiding something which NASA does not know/ Image Credit: cosmos.nautil.us

And the latest data from the current Martian rover helped him figure it out: it recorded strange sounds.

According to official data, the equipment has exceptional sensitivity, making it possible to record the unclassifiable Martian sounds.

Probably, these sounds belong to living organisms hiding beneath the surface. The US media has repeatedly said that rovers should drill, supposedly to take soil samples. The expert is sure that the samples were taken long ago, and now they are searching for the “wormhole” in the underworld of Mars.

In turn, Elon Musk most likely also knows about this. And maybe he knows something more: something that can lead to irreversible consequences. And while NASA is predicting something ‚Äúcompletely revolutionary‚ÄĚ to humanity, the head of SpaceX is trying to save us.

Unfortunately, no one can give an answer to these and previous questions. One thing is clear: missions are planned, and humanity is ready to find living representatives of alien races. And how this meeting will end, the Earth will know in about 2 years.

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