NASA Scientist Suggested That We live In An Artificial Reality Created By A Developed Alien Civilization


There is much evidence that indicates that our reality is not as real as it seems to some of us. This may be the result of computer simulations that we are all in. Of course, the main question to be asked in such a situation is “who created this simulation?” Among the possible solutions is God or some advanced alien civilization.

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Artificial Reality
Artificial Reality

Swedish philosopher Nick Bostrom suggested that we are likely to live in an Artificial Reality. Studies by other scientists also show that our universe is a well-made holographic illusion.

One theory is that with the help of virtual reality, someone can simulate the time in the past or recreate his ancestors lived. If we live in a simulated reality, this has specific goals. Every feeling, every memory can be generated by supercomputers. In other words, everything is a product of a highly developed computer code.

At first, this seems unlikely and sounds like a science-fiction scenario, but even some NASA experts believe Dr. Bostrom might be right.

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According to Richard J. Terrile, an astronomer who worked for NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory, the principles of quantum mechanics support this hypothesis. Particles do not have a specific state if they are not visible. In other words, we see what we expect to see, and this happens when we look at it.

Terrile believes that NASA’s fastest supercomputers are already capable of running about twice as fast as the human brain. If we use simple calculations and apply Moore’s law, according to which the computing power of computers doubles every two years, it may turn out that in ten years, it will be possible to calculate the simulation of all human life in a month.

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Artificial Reality
Artificial Reality

Bostrom’s idea that our universe is just a simulation created by the Superintellect using computer code solves a number of contradictions and mysteries of space. This explains the famous Fermi paradox. The brilliant physicist argued that the size and age of the universe suggest that there were many advanced extraterrestrial civilizations. However, this hypothesis seems false due to the absence of any traces of their presence.

The sun is a typical and relatively young star, and there are billions of stars in the galaxy that are billions of years older. Most likely, some of these stars revolve around planets like Earth. Assuming Earth is a typical rocky planet, intelligent life can develop on many of them. Some of these civilizations must develop interstellar travel technology. Even at a slow pace without the ability to bend space-time, the entire galaxy will be colonized in tens of millions of years.

In his opinion, the Earth should have been colonized a long time ago, or at least other civilizations should have visited us. However, there is no evidence of intelligence in other parts of our galaxy or anywhere in the observable universe. There are two options left: either we are alone in the universe, or we are actually the product of some kind of God.

The explanation of the Enrico Fermi paradox may be that the Earth and humanity are indeed the centers of the universe because we are a product of the highly developed computer code. However, this means that we live in a digital prison created by aliens.

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