Is It True that Annunaki Aliens Mutilated The Earthlings?


Many people are attracted by the history of the ancient civilization of the Sumerians, which existed in the vast Mesopotamia more than 6,000 years ago. Scientists are still racking their brains over the way the representatives of those mysterious people (Annunaki) knew the ternary accounting system and understood the structure of the solar system.

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The Sumerians absolutely correctly positioned the planets from the Sun, with only one discrepancy: the planet Nibiru was depicted between Mars and Jupiter. The name of the celestial body is translated as a “point of transition.” And Nibiru crosses time. They say that the next time humanity will be able to see it is only in 2100.

The Sumerians kept records detailing Annunaki, or “heaven people,” who flew to Earth from Nibiru.

They were described as highly developed giants, up to 5 meters tall. The Sumerians decided that they were the gods who had created

Annunaki: ancient civilization

The records also detail how Annunaki married females on earth to improve the gene pool of the inhabitants of the blue planet.

Initially, the purpose of the arrival of “heaven people” to Earth was to mine gold, from which the aliens created a protective shield for Nibiru.

When tired of working in the mines, they decided to create a race of people for this boring work.
The Sumerians depicted in detail the process of the emergence of mankind on clay tablets.

It turned out that the two Annunaki, who had deep knowledge of genetic engineering, mixed their blood, sperm, and clay (apewoman’s ovum). The result was an earthman embryo. Then the result of scientific work was placed in the body of a celestial woman, and the alien carried the first man.

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Annunaki is a non-humanoid race, they are yellow-eyed lizards, reptilians. Our planet came close to their level in terms of resources, but for them, we are just unnecessary trash. But it’s not so easy to get rid of us. According to the laws of the Universe, it is impossible to destroy humanity, otherwise, the law of karma will work. Therefore, the Annunaki infiltrated among people, created money, finances, and loans, and from within, through ourselves, they lead people to an end, to degradation and extinction.

What did the Annunaki give to earthlings?

Scientists translated the manuscripts of the Sumerians and realized that representatives of ancient civilization had knowledge in the field of the following sciences:

• chemistry;
• mining;
• state administration;
• higher mathematics;
• genetic engineering;
• jurisprudence.

We should admit that for ancient people who lived more than 6,000 years ago, such knowledge was hardly available.

Descendants of the Annunaki on Earth

Toby Wilkinson, who devoted himself to the study of ancient Egypt, claims that the history of this civilization looks suspicious: the pharaohs came from somewhere, built huge pyramids and began to control people. It sounds like such a development of the ancient people did not exist, and as if the Egyptians were originally developed.
The description of the rulers of Egypt also looks rather strange.

Akhenaten was described as a giant with an elongated head. Nefertiti’s skull was also elongated.

Ufologists say that the ancient pharaohs are the descendants of the Annunaki. In evidence, they cite the fact that the remains of a seven-year-old boy, 2.5 meters tall, were found in the Cairo Museum.

Ancient civilizations hold a lot of mysteries, and perhaps in time, their secrets will be revealed to humanity.

It is possible that we will soon find out that Nibiru is not a planet, but a starship. The Annunaki did not create humanity, but genetically entered the code of non-humanoids into a human, in order to capture our planet in the future.


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