Grey Aliens Abducted Four Men In 1976 For Human Experiment In Maine, US


In August 1976, four young men decided to go on a canoe trip to Big Eagle Lake in northern Maine. They were twin brothers Jack and Jim Weiner, Charlie Foltz, and Chuck Rak. They climbed into the most remote corner of Maine, pitched a tent on the banks of the Allagash River, and set themselves for the relaxing fishing trip.

All of them were students of the Massachusetts College of Art And Design. For years, Jack Weiner was disturbed by reoccurring nightmares. He told no one about them except for his wife, Mary:

“I was starting to have nightmares, really terrible nightmares that I could not explain. I found myself in a very brightly lit room. I had no idea where I was or why I was there. To my left, I could see my brother Jim, Chuck Rak, and Charlie Foltz sitting on some type of bench, and they were all naked. I was wondering why they weren’t helping me because I felt like I was in danger, and while I’m trying to figure this out, I notice this figure or a dark, shadowy-type figure emerging from this light– this bright light in front of me. I would wake up, uh, uh, sweating and breathing heavily and just in a– in a state of terror and shock.”

Allagash abduction
Jack and Jim Weiner, Charlie Foltz, and Chuck Rak claimed to have been abducted by grey aliens in 1976

The first night went normal for all the men, but strange things started happening on the second night.

According to Rak, they all had seen UFO during their canoe trip. “Oh yes, I saw the craft,” Rak said.

Allagash abduction painting
The abduction incident happened on the shore of Big Eagle Lake in northern Maine

On the fifth night, the four decided to have fun with night fishing. They lit a fire on the bank as a landmark not to get lost, took a boat, and raked it into the middle of the river. And then, they saw a luminous object floating above the forest.

Charlie Foltz took the flashlight, pointed it towards the object and began to transmit light signals.

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The slowly floating UFO stopped, beamed light down, and then began approaching the students. The bright spot began to move towards the men, and soon, their boat was in its very center.

They began paddling the boat towards the shore to the light of the fire. None of them could tell how long they were paddling.

Chuck Rak alien abductee
A self-portrait oil painting of artist and famed “alien abductee” Chuck Rak

When the boat hit the shore, the men jumped out of it and ran in different directions. When they returned to the camp, in turn, the fire turned into a heap of coals, they got into the tent and stayed there the whole night. Meanwhile, Foltz again spotted the UFO, signaled it but that time, it went up and flew away.

Of course, there was a missing time, and none of them talked about it. In the morning, the students packed their stuff, and drove back home.

As the years went by, they told friends and family about the UFO sighting, but no one really believed them. The men hardly believed it themselves. Then the nightmares began for Jim and Jack Weiner. Finally, Jim contacted UFO researcher Ray Fowler for help.

Fowler suggested the Allagash four undergo hypnosis with a trained hypnotherapist to recover details of the sighting. Under hypnosis, each of the men experienced terrifying repressed memories of being abducted. They were almost exactly alike.

Independent of one another, each of them drew illustrations of their incredible recollections. All four said they were taken aboard the craft. The aliens forced them to strip naked and seemed to be conducting medical examinations. The aliens took samples of the men’s skin and body fluids, their blood, urine, and semen.

What follows are excerpts from the actual sessions:

“They’re–they’re– they don’t know what to do. I think they think I’m going to come after them. I feel like I want to. I feel like I want to– the first one that comes near me, I’m going to throttle him. I don’t like these things. I don’t care where they come from. They shouldn’t be doing this to people.”—Jim Weiner “They’re right there. Their face is right in my face. I don’t know why. I don’t want to know. I don’t want to know what they want. They’re saying things. In my head they’re saying, ‘Don’t be afraid. They say, ‘Do what we say. Just do what we say.” —Jack Weiner “It’s like a doctor’s office. I get that, it’s cold like a doctor’s office is cold. They put the panel over your chest. Then they scrape your arms and your chest, your legs and thighs. We shouldn’t be here. I just—I just keep thinking, “I want to be back in the canoe.” –Charlie Foltz

Depiction of alien abductions happened near Allagash River in 1976

Chuck Rak could see what the aliens were doing to Charlie: “I see some sort of device on him. They’ve got a–this looks like a silvery, it looks like the– like it’s got curves on it. It’s almost like– like it sucks something. He’s got his head tipped way back. It’s almost like he’s in pain. We’re–we can’t help him. All we can do is watch him.”

In 1988, Jim Weiner had an accident in which he suffered a head injury. During his treatment, it turned out that for 12 years, Jim had been seeing nightmares of strange creatures with huge eyes and long necks, touching his fingers.

The doctor suggested trying one of the most advanced methods of treatment, regressive therapy. The doctor suggested that having immersed the patient in hypnosis, he could find the source of fears and help Jim get rid of them.

Under hypnosis, Jim talked about Grey aliens with long necks and big heads with eyes without lids. He said they had examined his hands while Jack, Charlie, and Rak were sitting nearby on a bench.

The Weiner brothers, Foltz passed several lie detector tests. In 1993, Fowler wrote a book: “The Allagash Abductions,” which immediately grabbed the attention of the media. Rak, Foltz, and the Weiner brothers were invited to “The Joan Rivers Show.” An episode of “Unsolved Mysteries” was also shot with them.

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