Alien Abducted Irish Man And Told Him The World Would END in 850 Years


A retired carpenter named Gerry Battles (65) claimed that he had been abducted by aliens while coming home after Christmas drinks in Pallaskenry (a village in County Limerick, Ireland) on December 26, 2001. The aliens warned him that the Earth would end by an asteroid with the size of Munster in 850 years.

Gerry Battles
Gerry Battles, Kilidmo, a local man, was abducted by aliens in 2001. Picture Brendan Gleeson

In 2016, Gerry told the Limerick Post what had happened to him in 2001. He said that the sky was very clear and beautiful on the night he had been abducted.

“You could have read a book with the light off the night sky, but I wasn’t drawn by the light of the stars or the moon but by a bright, surgical, white light coming from the other end of the boreen,” he said.

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It was around 8 PM, he was returning home from The Seven Sisters Pubs in Kildimo, when a strange light coming from the end of the laneway took him to the spacecraft.

He remembered that there were 40 males of different ages upon the board, but they all were in a subdued state, standing shoulder to shoulder like mannequins and not moving.

Gerry Battles
Gerry Battles told the alien talked with him through telepathy

The man standing next to Gerry was wearing a Columbo-style coat and hat. He felt himself in a state of paralysis and could only move his eyes.

After that, he found himself floating into another chamber but bigger in size with a 360-degree view, and that was the place where he first saw the extraterrestrial. He only remembered seeing the alien’s big cone head and his beautiful, ginormous eyes.

The alien talked to Gerry through telepathy and said to him not to be terrified.

“No, I am not. Should I be?” Gerry asked.

The next thing the alien asked Gerry was what would he like to see. He instantly chose the North Pole. The alien fulfilled his wish and took him to the North Pole within seconds.

Gerry compared the incident with the Star Trek film.

He said that people laughed at him when he revealed his fantastical story to them, but he assured them that he had never had any history of mental illness.

Gerry Battles
The world will be destroyed in 850 years, the alien said.

Gerry claimed the alien had told him they are four million light-years more advanced than humans, and they have been observing us for thousands of years.

On Stephen’s Night, 2001, the alien warned him that an asteroid the size of Munster (a city in Germany) originating from the ’35th Quadrant’ would end our world in 850 years (19 years have passed since the message was conveyed).

“In all that time you have only excelled at two things — global warfare and lying to your own species. You must use the force. Be one with the force. Harness the force,” the alien said.

According to Gerry, the alien told him that the government and the banks tell lies to people because they are a hidden agenda and we should not trust them.

“He also forewarned the impending global financial crisis and told me that if we do not change our ways we are going to end up like the dinosaurs.”

Gerry did not remember how he was abducted and had no memory of the incident only until he found his coat he had been wearing on the day of his abduction.

A few weeks later, his coat was found at the rooftop of the regional hospital, and he had no idea how it had got there. After he received his coat, his memory of December 26, 2001, started to come back.

According to him, the aliens use ‘dark matter’ or ‘dark energy’ to hide in the universe.


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8 months ago

“Gerry claimed the alien had told him they are four million light-years more advanced than humans”
So someone should tell the really advanced aliens that light-years is a measure of distance, not time.

mark watts
mark watts
Reply to  Rob
1 month ago

Exactly. i had to think about that..then thought..he’s typical Irish! Hes dropped himself in it makin this remark by not doing his homework first!

8 months ago

No alcohol was consumed before this encounter.

Myndi Twist
Myndi Twist
Reply to  Michael
6 months ago


6 months ago

He’s been watching star wars

mark watts
mark watts
Reply to  Aleko
1 month ago

Yes..that’s the limit of his education on this subject.