The Unsolved Mystery Of 100-Kg Levitating Rock In India


For many centuries, experts from various scientific fields have been trying to unravel the mystery of building temples and Egyptian pyramids, erected several millennia ago. How did the ancient builders deal with the movement of heavy stones and slabs in the absence of equipment?

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Levitating Rock
Levitating Rock

People who lived many centuries ago believed that even a person can levitate with the help of “internal strength,” in addition, some sources indicate that the laws of gravity were studied in detail at that time, and this knowledge allowed us to overcome the force of gravity, raise huge stones, create flying vehicles and much more. Studies of modern scientists have many indirect confirmations of this fact.

The case with flying stones in the small Indian village of Shivapur can serve as evidence of prehistoric achievements in this area. It is located 200 km from the largest city in India, Mumbai.

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Levitating Rock
Levitating Rock

On the territory of the local ancient temple, there are two huge boulders that weigh about 100 kg each. Raising them is an impossible task even for a few healthy men, but temple attendants prove that everything is possible, only faith is needed. Besides, people are able not only to lift them but also hold them for a while simply on their fingers.

Researchers still cannot find an explanation for this phenomenon. For many years, scientists have been trying to understand what kind of power makes huge stones rise up. Many assumptions were made about this, but in the end, only one general conclusion was made: gravity can be controlled, the problem is only a lack of knowledge.

Scrolls, drawings, and manuscripts confirm the fact that ancient people possessed and used this knowledge, but, unfortunately, for today, it is not available to us.

After the terrible catastrophe that happened thousands of years BC, all references to the scientific achievements of that time were hidden in order to avoid the repetition and use of this knowledge against humanity.

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