UFO Expert Claimed To Have Contact With Aliens That Predicted End Of The World


Many people have heard about the asteroid Apophis; some scientists claim that this asteroid can collide with the Earth. However, NASA is absolutely confident that it does not pose any threat, at least in the next 10 years. At the same time, according to Express, ufologist Billy Meier seems to have a different opinion on this matter. His representative, scientist and researcher Michael Horn claims that aliens have already contacted Meier.

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Billy Meier UFO contact
Billy Meier UFO contact

This happened back in 1981 when aliens sent a message to Bill Meier with the proposal to join forces to fight the asteroid Apophis. According to Meier, aliens stated there are several ways to deal with this terrible threat. Trying to blow up an asteroid does not make any sense. They can do it, but it will not save the Earth.

Aliens said that it is best to detonate a nuclear charge at some distance from the asteroid. This will lead to the formation of a shock wave, which will have to deflect the asteroid from the original trajectory and take it away from the Earth.

Horn argues that alien technology is far superior to everything NASA has today. That is why, according to him, NASA gives other forecasts about Apophis.

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According to Horn, as a proof of their words about the impending catastrophe, in the 80s of the 20th century, the aliens gave Meier scientifically based data on the consequences of the collision of the Earth with Apophis. Thus, it is argued that a large fault forms on the surface of the Earth, as a result of which a new continent will appear.

However, to believe the words of this researcher or not is everyone’s own choice. Horn, talking about Meier’s contact with aliens, refers to a book in which Meier described everything in detail. It is entitled “The Adventures of Billy Meier.”

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