NASA Saw UFO Approaching Russian Astronaut On The ISS


An unusual case, which according to ufologists confirms the existence of aliens, occurred during one of the Russian astronaut’s spacewalks on the ISS. During the broadcast which was conducted by NASA, the astronaut’s speech was heard. However, he was suddenly interrupted by ground officials when he began talking about approaching a strange object near the station.

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After analyzing the video shot by NASA, UFO expert Scott S. Waring came to the conclusion that NASA is aware of the existence of aliens and hides it from the public. So, in the frames of the shooting he saw three alien ships that flew over the station. In addition, he points to a strange conversation that at that moment took place between the Russian cosmonaut and NASA’s ground services officer.

UFO at ISS, Russian says “A ship!” NASA responds

The conversation went smooth, but at the moment when the astronaut uttered the word “ship,” he was abruptly interrupted with the words “copy everything” from the Earth. According to Waring, a NASA employee on Earth had noticed an UFO approaching before him from a camera that is broadcasting live from the station, so he managed to interrupt the astronaut. However, according to Waring, the astronaut managed to say the main thing – “the ship.”

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In addition, as the expert says, a clear video suddenly becomes blurry exactly at the moment when aliens appear near the station. According to him, this is a well-known phenomenon, the appearance of UFOs often causes interference in the equipment.

What happened on the ISS, Waring considers to be a 100% proof of the existence of aliens. He believes that NASA and Russia intentionally hide the fact that their spacecraft are constantly approaching the ISS. However, skeptics have already reacted to the expert’s allegations. According to them, there is nothing unusual in NASA frames. The objects that Waring took for ships are small asteroids and pieces of ice.

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