10 DARK Donald Trump SECRETS


Billionaire Donald Trump announced his intention to run for president of the United States. In the event of a victory in elections, Trump is going to begin to rid the country of the problem of illegal immigration by building a “great wall” on the border with Mexico, and then “making America even richer and even freer”. Mercilessly criticizing the policies of Barack Obama and his team, Trump promises in the shortest possible time to revive the “dead American dream.” The billionaire assures us that he is fully capable of these tasks since he is going to become nothing more than “the greatest president ever created by God.” Here are the 10 Trump SECRETS which you must know.

1. Trump graduated from the military academy in the rank of cadet captain /Trump secrets

 Donald Trump
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Trump was characterized by having an unbearable behaviour at school. As a result, at the age of 13, his parents sent him to the New York Military Academy. The boy’s father decided that this is the only place where his son will be helped to put energy into the right direction. According to Trump himself, it was in the academy that he learned to survive in the conditions of tough competition.

2. Trump got the “trump” surname /Trump secrets

Donald Trump
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The name Trump from English translates as “trump card”. The businessman is incredibly proud of his name and believes that it brings him good luck. His name he turned into a successful brand, under which are produced accessories, perfumes, mineral water, alcohol, etc.

3. Trump’s wealthness is estimated at $ 4 billion  /Trump secrets

A tall rectangular-shaped tower in Las Vegas with exterior windows reflecting a golden hue. It is a sunny day and the building is higher than many of the surrounding buildings, also towers. There are mountains in the background. This tower is called the Trump Hotel Las Vegas.
source: Wikipedia

Trump’s business empire stretches from development and gambling to beauty contests (the billionaire belongs to the Miss Universe, Miss USA and the Young Miss USA). According to the agency Bloomberg, the state of the tycoon is estimated at $ 9 billion, which makes him the richest of the current candidates for the presidency of the United States. However, Forbes is confident that Trump has only about $ 4.1 billion.

4. Trump wrote 15 books about business /Trump secrets

Trump writes books about business, in which he shares the secrets of success. Among his bestsellers is The Art of the Deal, Surviving at the Top, The Art of the Comeback, and How to Become Rich. All these books are sold in millions of copies.

5. Trump starred in more than 100 films and serials /Trump secrets


Trump is acting in films in episodic roles. In his filmography roles in such films as “Model Male” (2001), “Celebrity” (1998), “Studio 54” (1998), “Companion” (1996), “Eddie” (1996), “Love with Notice “(2002), “Sex in the City “(series, 1998-2004), etc.

6. Trump led a popular television show /Trump secrets

In 2004, Trump became the leading reality show “Apprentice”. Its participants fought for the right to receive a management position with payment of $ 250,000 per year in one of the billionaire’s companies. Applicants for the victory were given the right to manage one or another tycoon enterprise. The one who coped worse, dropped out of the game, hearing from the mouth of Trump: “You’re fired!”

7. Trump is an ardent critic of Obama /Trump secrets

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Trump, being a member of the Republican Party, repeatedly in harsh ways advised Barack Obama to leave the post of US president. The billionaire even tried to challenge the fact of Obama’s birth on American territory. There was such a stir that the White House had to publish a certificate of birth of the head of state for the media. In October 2014, Trump outraged the decision of the US president not to ban the entry to the United States of persons coming from the Ebola infection zone. The businessman described Obama as an incompetent and mentally ill person. “I’m starting to think that the president is not completely mentally healthy. Why did he not forbid flights? Psycho! “- wrote a businessman on his Twitter.
8. In 1991, Trump was on the verge of bankruptcy /Trump secrets

source: Wikipedia

In 1991, Trump’s debts to creditors reached $ 9.8 billion. To ensure payments, he was forced to lay his New York skyscraper Trump Tower. However, in the end, he managed to persuade the bankers to provide him with another loan to restore the deplorable situation. Financial organisations that were not interested in Trump’s bankruptcy gave a generous loan. As a result, after a few years, Trump managed to pay back his debts and begin to capitalise again.

9. Trump has to regularly deny rumours that he wears a wig /Trump secrets

Donald trump
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To hide the bald head, Donald Trump combs the hair from the back of the head to the forehead. Trump has repeatedly stated that he is proud of his hair. “I think that the appearance is very important. And my image is my hair. I think that I have the most famous hair in America,” Trump once said. The billionaire washes them with inexpensive shampoos and basically does not use a hairdryer.

10. Trump was married three times, he has five children /Trump secrets

Donald trump
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The first wife was the Czechoslovak skier and the model Ivan Zelnick. Learning that her husband is cheating on her, she filed for divorce, asking her ex-husband $ 25 million. After the divorce, Trump married twice, each time signing a detailed marriage contract.

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