software security

3 steps to increase your software security- Hashing

Hashing is the transformation of a string of characters into a usually shorter fixed-length value or key that represents the original string.
greatest inventions

Top 10 Greatest inventions that changed the world

This is a list of the greatest inventions that changed the world. They are obvious than much more important inventions, and it is difficult...


In 2015, Hong Kong-based company Hanson robotics activated SOPHIA THE ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE HUMANOID ROBOT. So, in this video, I am going to talk about...
computer hacking

How does computer hacking happen and how to protect yourself from...

Computer hacking is one of the biggest cons of the Internet world. Today in this article I will show you how hackers access into...
Michael Jackson 30-Year-Old Mystery Solved

Michael Jackson 30-Year-Old Mystery Solved | ‘Smooth Criminal Lean’ Mystery Finally...   Subscribe the channel now--- Follow us on Facebook: Twitter: Instagram: Please LIKE | SHARE | COMMENT AND SUBSCRIBE OUR CHANNEL "LIFE SCIENCE FACTS"
world's first cosmonaut

World’s first Cosmonaut:10 Facts About Yuri Gagarin

On April 12, 1961, Yuri Alekseyevich Gagarin became the world's first cosmonaut to fly to outer space. "Yuri Gagarin the first human in space." 1....
Luxury sportscars

Why do the luxury sportscars always take admiration ?

Sportcars are the various kinds of sport cars, which can be distinguished very easily - they have increased speed qualities,
Science Fiction Technologies

15 Science Fiction Technologies That Have Become Reality

Science fiction often introduces us to the fictional worlds of the future, seemingly nothing more than the fantasy of their creators. However, in the...
internet vs intranet

Internet vs Intranet – what is the difference?

Internet and intranet, these both words sounds same and in fact belong to the same community that is NET and also performs the same functionality. But we are here for internet VS intranet.
new car safety features

10 New Car Safety Features to Check Before Holiday Travel

When the travel bug bites you, there’s nothing to do but hit the road. For some of us, the wanderers, planes and trains and...

What are the best features car for traveling ?

Auto tourism has become a very popular choice for traveling. I think that everybody loves driving fast, at a high speed, enjoying the picturesque...
digital world

Top 10 Wonders Of The Digital World

As the world by itself has undergone tonnes of changes in the recent past, so has the digital world. As new technologies replace older...
best android phones 2019

Top 10 Best Android Phones 2019 Updated List Under Your Budget

Thinking to update your gadget? HowAndWhys has some good suggestions. We have collected the ranking of the best android phones 2019. The presented rating is...
future F1 championship

McLaren Future Cars: Future F1 Championship in 2050s

Tesla and other car manufacturers predict the future with electric engines. Of course, the trend will affect racing cars - the British company McLaren...
smartest species

10 Highly smartest species on the Earth

Homo sapiens, as it turned out, is a very confident smartest species that can call itself "smart". And although it is possible to call...

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