greatest inventions

Top 10 Greatest inventions that changed the world

This is a list of the greatest inventions that changed the world. They are obvious than much more important inventions, and it is difficult...
Recycle Bin

How to retrieve deleted files from the Recycle Bin?

The Recycle Bin is one the essential part of our computer software which allows moving a deleted item to a different directory temporarily.
Photon Travel Between Two Mirrors

Can A Photon Travel Between Two Mirrors Indefinitely?

Let's assume we have ideal mirrors that reflect 100% of the photons incident on them, and also that there will be a vacuum between...
Mysterious Government Time Travel Programsvideo

Mysterious Government Time Travel Programs


In 2015, Hong Kong-based company Hanson robotics activated SOPHIA THE ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE HUMANOID ROBOT. So, in this video, I am going to talk about...
social network

Social Network – any Net in these words?

Social networking has become hugely popular. Millions of youths use social networking sites, and for some it has become the preferred method of communication
future F1 championship

McLaren Future Cars: Future F1 Championship in 2050s

Tesla and other car manufacturers predict the future with electric engines. Of course, the trend will affect racing cars - the British company McLaren...
internet vs intranet

Internet vs Intranet – what is the difference?

Internet and intranet, these both words sounds same and in fact belong to the same community that is NET and also performs the same functionality. But we are here for internet VS intranet.
Luxury sportscars

Why do the luxury sportscars always take admiration ?

Sportcars are the various kinds of sport cars, which can be distinguished very easily - they have increased speed qualities,
smartest species

10 Highly smartest species on the Earth

Homo sapiens, as it turned out, is a very confident smartest species that can call itself "smart". And although it is possible to call...
google self-driving car

Google self-driving car WAYMO and how it works

The Google self-driving car project is now Waymo.Waymo stands for a new way forward in mobility. Google has made a self-driving technology company with a mission to make it safe
Macbook Air 2020

Macbook Air 2020 Price, Design, Keyboard, Display And Performance

Apple is known for its quality products and its amazing outfit and color, although exceptions are always there for some products. Most of the...

What are the best features car for traveling ?

Auto tourism has become a very popular choice for traveling. I think that everybody loves driving fast, at a high speed, enjoying the picturesque...
Martian colonists

This Is How Martian Colonists Would Look Like If They Returned...

Let assume the future has come, and mankind has managed to populate Mars and get comfortable there. What would Martian colonists look like after...
karting sport

Karting sport – a real men’s sport hobby!

Karting is a kind of active spending your leisure time, which becomes more and more popular with every new year. No matter how old you are, everybody can enjoy the feelings of the pilot from Formula 1.

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