Ancient history

shocking alien figures

10 Shocking Alien Figures On Mars Which Will Leave You Stunned

People love mysterious space stories and on the top of cosmic curiosity, there are shocking alien figures on the red planet. The rock formations on...
Historical predictions

10 Historical predictions that coincidentally were exact

Prophets like Nostradamus and Vanga are made to ridicule and expose, and also to search for inaccuracies and tricks in their predictions. In order...
witchcraft facts

10 striking witchcraft facts in the Middle Ages

Today, the Middle Ages are the most popular product of the mass culture. A lot of movies have been shot about this time, and...
indian slavery

10 untold stories in the history of Indian slavery

India had been suffering in British slavery for more than 200 years and had suffered many violations and civil disputes in that intolerable time...

Top10 of the most creepy ancient Egyptian mummies in the world

Probably all of you watched horror films about the revived mummies attacking people. This sinister dead always stirred the human imagination. However, in reality,...

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