US Lawyer Time Traveled To Mars With Barack Obama Under Secret Mission


A US-based lawyer, who participated in secret research and the development of projects by the US defense agencies, independently confirmed his teleportation to the American bases on Mars and meetings with intelligent representatives of this planet that involved former US president Barack Obama.

Time Traveled To Mars
Time Traveled To Mars

Andrew D. Basiago was reportedly a minor participant in the secret time-travel project launched by the DARPA (Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency). In a six-hour interview released on August 31, 2009, Mr. Basiago talked about his experiences with the Pegasus project from 1969 to 1972 and described his studies of past and future events, which he carried out with the help of teleportation and chronovision at the dawn of the study of the space-time phenomenon, conducted by the US government.

Here are his own words:

“We landed on Mars in 1964—the documentary source I can cite, but can’t proffer is a French external intelligence organization dossier I was asked to read in the summer of 1980 which was also read by the future President Barack Obama which referred to a crash landing by an American team of astronauts on Mars who perished because they were not rescued by the Martain humanoids.”

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Mr. Basiago confirmed that the US government had been teleporting people to Mars for decades and described the stunning facts of his own teleportation to Mars as a minor participant in the Pegasus project in 1981.

Mr. Basiago also publicly testified that in 1970, he met three Martian astronauts

at the Curtiss aviation facility Wright in Wood-Ridge, New Jersey, when they arrived on Earth with a working mission to meet with technical personnel from the US defense.

According to Basiago, the U.S. government had had ready-made teleportation equipment since 1967-68, and by 1969-70, they had already begun training personnel taken from gifted school-age children, including himself, to further form the first generation of space-time travelers.

The result of his preparation was teleportation to Mars in 1981, when Basiago was 19 years old. He made his first trip on his own after undergoing training under the supervision of CIA officer Courtney M. Hunt. Then, for the second time, Basiago was teleported along with Courtney Hunt. Both trips, according to Basiago, were made from the jump room, located at one of the CIA facilities in El Segundo, California.

The reason for those trips was to get acquainted with the planet Mars since the CIA was aware of his future mission as one of the researchers who discovered life on Mars. The Agency considered it important to arrange for him a trip to Mars and direct acquaintance with this planet.

Mr. Basiago’s participation in space and time research in childhood, as well as the identity of CIA officer Courtney M. Hunt, have been confirmed by Dr. Maria Arrigo, who works on US defense and intelligence projects. Basiago’s testimonies are also confirmed by US Army Captain Ernest Garcia, who, among other things, served as a security officer on the expedition of Israeli archaeologist Yigal Yadin to search for Dead Sea Scrolls, as well as being the security attache of the Pegasus project.

Arthur Neumann claimed that he had been teleported to Mars to participate in a meeting with its intelligent inhabitants. Basiago also publicly stated that he and his father had been present at a brief meeting by three astronauts from Mars at one of the facilities of the company, which fulfills orders for the US defense departments.

Those independent testimonies provide the basis for proving the existence of a rational civilization living below the surface of Mars and that this civilization is participating in secret programs of various departments of the US government, including the CIA.

Basiago said that the CIA had informed him seven times at different times about his future work on the exploration of Mars. Five of those episodes included informational briefings in which he was revealed the details of his future work, “The Discovery of Life on Mars,” in which he talked about the existence of life forms on the environmentally unstable surface of Mars.

The other two episodes were meetings with Martian astronauts on Curtiss Wright in 1970 and two of his travels to Mars in 1981. Those were “practical exercises,” the purpose of which, apparently, was to prepare Basiago for his future role as a witness to the existence of strategic relations between the US government and the civilization of Mars.

These introductory data by Bosiago were obviously the result of the CIA discoveries made in 1967-68, which showed that Basiago’s work on Mars would become important for international security. According to Basiago, when the CIA sent him to Mars in 1981, he was told that he should have gone there but was not told why.

Mr. Basiago told in an interview:

“When I asked Courtney M. Hunt why I needed to teleport to Mars, he replied:“ “When I asked Courtney M. Hunt why I had to teleport to Mars, he said, ‘Because the survival of the human race depends on it.”

Andrew D. Basiago’s work is dedicated to bringing to the general public the existence of life on Mars and questions of new international law and politics related to this fact.


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