Three Alien Spaceships Flew So Close To Moon Surface That Their Shadows Could Be Seen


In April, a video circulated on the Internet, which captured three huge UFOs flying very close to the surface of the Moon. In the high-resolution footage, the shadows of alien ships can be seen clearly above the lunar surface.

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Three Alien Spaceships
Illustration of UFO over the lunar surface

The video was shared by Jean-Michel Tenac on April 3. It has over 1.7 million views on YouTube. The timestamp on the video says that it was recorded on March 26, 2020, in Montreal, Canada. Some part of the lunar surface is visible in the frames over which three UFOs fly so close that they even cast a shadow.

Besides, On May 18, 2020, the ISS camera showed how thousands of UFOs were captured in the video, leaving the Earth from outer space at the moment when the ISS was between the light and dark sides of the Earth. This unbelievable mass UFO evacuation was captured in May 2020. Ufologist Scott C Waring believed the UFOs were alien in nature.

Cases of mass sightings of UFOs have recently become too frequent, especially in 2020, when mankind is shaken by various kinds of cataclysms. Perhaps, these events on Earth have attracted representatives of alien civilizations. According to ufologists, aliens use the moon as a base.

Some researchers believe that these guests are from completely different corners of the Universe, and they are near the Earth for the first time. Others believe that some kind of alien conflict between representatives of various alien civilizations is brewing in near-earth space.

According to another version of ufologists, aliens do not like too much human activity on the moon, especially on its dark side.


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