6 places in the world, in which the entrance of women has strict prohibitions


The modern reader may seem strange, but there are still places in the world where the foot of the fair sex has not gone, even in our days! Very often, these strict prohibitions are based on religious prejudices, others simply because of the “strangeness” of the rules adopted there. Maybe they are just afraid of women!

You do not have to go up Mount Omina in Japan, but no one will forbid you to discover some of the most magical and amazing places in the world.

1. Hindu temples, India and Indonesia

strict prohibitions

Imagine that in India and Indonesia there are such Hindu temples, where you simply will not be allowed if you are a woman. But in fact, these strict prohibitions apply only to those ladies who are considered “unclean” from a religious point of view (in modern terms, women have critical days). Although … how can they verify this? A strange rule, is not it? Fortunately, most of the temples have already gotten rid of these religious dogmas.

2. Mount Athos, Greece

strict prohibitions

And this zamorochka was invented by the Byzantine emperor in 1046, he decided to forbid women to approach the sacred part of Mount Athos, so as not to tempt the “holy people” who lived there. Since that day, little has changed. Almost 3000 monks living in the mountains do not contact women at all, imagine our sister is prohibited from approaching more than 500 meters to this place.
Mount Athos since 1998 belongs to the UNESCO World Heritage, but it still remains inaccessible. Do not you think this is an unfair discrimination? Of course, you can digress from this thought by visiting interesting cities like Athens or seeing other beautiful places. But resentment for women does not give me rest …

3. Saudi Arabia

strict prohibitions

Of course, if you are a woman, you can move around freely in Saudi Arabia, but if you want to be at the same time in complete safety, it is better to take with you the accompanying man. Bear in mind that if you are going on the road to go driving, then this is prohibited by law.

4. Temple of the Haji Ali Mosque, Mumbai, India

strict prohibitions

Temple Haji Ali Mosque is one of the main places of worship in Mumbai. It attracts about 20,000 visitors every day and is still the subject of many discussions and complaints from the public. Yes, there is also a strict prohibition for women, only here they can not visit graves … But this prohibition contradicts the Sharia law and the Islamic law allows women to visit holy places. Like this…

5. Mount Oomine, Japan

strict prohibitions

A difficult ascent, which ends with a Buddhist temple located on the top of the mountain. Imagine, to overcome this path, you need to pass 5,640 meters … Yes, it’s about Mount Omin, which was listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2004. In this case, the beautiful half could not climb the mountain because, supposedly, the ladies could distract pilgrims on their way to asceticism and deep meditation. Indeed? Some locals do not share this prohibition, and sometimes one can see a man dressed in a woman’s dress, which rises in this form to a mountain in protest.

6. Water Park “Galaxy”, Germany

strict prohibitions

This case is generally cool! In all senses. One of the largest water parks in Europe has banned the entrance for women, despite the fact that this is the main attraction. One of the fastest roller coasters in the world, the X-Treme FASER, accelerates to a speed of over 100 km / h and, apparently, because of this there were cases of “intimate” injuries of some women. But is it really so? In general, you now know everything …


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