Strange Disappearance Of Swiss Man Who Built Landing Base For UFOs


Many people are sure that aliens exist and regularly visit our planet. Some of them even claim to have met with the representatives of extraterrestrial civilizations, and even received some knowledge from them. But Werner Jaisli from Switzerland even decided to build a special landing base for UFOs.

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UFO landing base
UFO landing base

The man said that a decade before, aliens had contacted him through his mind and ordered him to build a landing pad for their ships. Therefore, Werner, who believed in his chosenness, bought a plot of land near Cachi, a small town in the Argentinian province of Salta, where he began to build a UFO landing base.

The construction process had been dragging on for three years. Now, this site can be perfectly viewed from a height. Some ufology enthusiasts tend to believe Werner had been in contact with aliens since UFO sightings are often recorded in this place. But suddenly, this man disappeared.

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His searches continued for 7 years, but no trace was found to understand where he could go. They looked for him abroad, checked all the documents to find out where he could possibly cross the border but did not find anything. Many people believe that aliens took him with them.

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