This Will Happen To You At The Speed Of Light


A person’s flight at the speed of light will become for him/her the most spectacular sight. He/She will observe how the stars move in the sky and gather in a small area in front of the bow of the spaceship.

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Speed of light
Speed of light

Our field of vision, and even our head, bend into a certain tunnel, at the end of which we will observe a bright flash of light, and leave behind us darkness that we can only imagine.

We will have great opportunities. We can travel from planet to planet, from star to star in a short period of time.

And now, the reality. Imagine that people managed to build a spaceship that is capable of developing the speed of light. What will happen to the person onboard such a ship?

The speed of light reaches almost 300,000 km/s and, if a person is moving at that speed, he would die in the first few seconds. And yes, it’s better not to watch this spectacle at all.

When this speed is reached, a person, in the literal sense, is imprinted on the bow of the ship and will receive a radiation dose of 10,000 sievert/s, where 6 sieverts/s is already fatal for a person.

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Such a radioactive beam can destroy the ship and is guaranteed to kill the tester. Studies show that no armor can protect a person from ionizing radiation. Aluminum protection with a 10 cm layer can absorb only 1% of such radiation.

Speed of light
Speed of light

In addition to radiation, the ship and man will be threatened by erosion, which appears due to interstellar dust and can destroy the ship. You can agree to a lower speed, for example, 10-15% of the speed of light. But in this case, the flight from Earth to the nearest star, – Proxima Centauri, which is 4.2 light years away, will take 40-60 years of human life.

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