Why do social networking sites have blue shades?

Have you ever wondered that why Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Skype, etc and other social networking sites have blue shades and even mostly internet icons have blue color in the majority?

Why is blue turns out attractive to most people?

Social Network – any Net in these words?

Social networking sites have Blue logos because blue is a very calming and relaxing color than companies with red and yellow colors as the primary color.

Sometimes Blue is known as “The Nirvana color”, As blue symbolizes the comfort for eyes, our sky is blue, water which is life is blue, the mind, trustworthiness and in most countries, Police officers have the blue uniform.

Most important, blue represents the communication which attracts the people to have a visit on many websites and brings themselves into trusty and good environment area.

Social networking sites with Blue logos promote interaction between people. Most of the other colors like red, orange, yellow (mostly dark shades colors) tend to distract the customers, whereas the color blue disappears as a transparent background. Each website that is designed with a blue color scheme does so in the different spectrum, using different shades to suit their needs.

According to Quantum physics, blue color has the large intensity of spreading means it has good scattering ability so that’s why our sky is blue.

Due to good scattering ability, most website designers prefer blue color due to the sense of welcoming, the evolving sense of transparency as the customer reads through the website, or a symbolic color, each website chooses their design for a reason.

Twitter’s mascot is a bird with light blue color, so that’s why it only makes sense that their blue represents the sky in a perfect day.
Facebook is blue because the founder – Mark Zuckerberg has red and green colorblindness, so blue color is the richest color for him.

The list below shows of popular websites and why they had chosen the blue color for their web design.

  • social networking sitesSkype looks innovative as their theme color is blue. It uses blue on its website to express the sense of innovation in social networking sites world. As we know, Skype let us communicate with friends and people easily using their text and video calling feature. It makes the company look sleek and modern. Lots of other technology companies, like Telecom, HP, Dell etc, also take advantages of using the blue color in their marketing skills to attract visitors. It gives these companies a sense of stability that is appealing, unlike red or orange which symbolizes energy and passion.
  • social networking sitesWordPress, the biggest CMS provider in the world also uses blue color to establish trust bridge between WordPress and it’s users. WordPress also utilizes blue on their homepage to give visitors a feeling of trustworthiness and stability. The company wants visitors to have confidence in them as a blogging platform. Blue is used in their accent colors to bring attention to their navigation and call to actions. This is a great practice because this is where you want to guide visitors.

Blue as a Marketing Tool
As a marketing tool, blue follows a pattern designed to attract customers.
This pattern can be traced in three steps:

Attract a welcoming color.
The blue websites want their viewers to feel welcome. They are stepping into a friendly environment that is neither intimidating nor boring.

Do you want your website in the blue color? Then let me know in the comment section, and I will provide you with an attractive bluish website.

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3 years ago

I’m still learning from you, but I’m trying to reach my goals. I absolutely enjoy reading all that is posted on your blog.Keep the stories coming. I liked it!