Aliens Are Hiding In The Secret Underground Cities On Venus And NASA Knows It


A lot of research vehicles have visited Venus or its orbit. Ufologists became interested in their data. A number of structures on and below the surface of Venus suggest the presence of the secret underground cities where alien creatures might be living.

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Secret underground cities on Venus
Secret underground cities on Venus

For decades, scientists have been studying Venus Studies by different methods, but this planet continues to amaze, reluctantly revealing the new details of alien’s existence. However, the studies on Venus are quite difficult because of the high temperature (450-500 degrees), acid rains, and the greenhouse effect due to the oversaturation of the atmosphere with carbon dioxide.

Just think, what kind of life can exist in such conditions? And if it can, then these are only especially viable microorganisms, but not highly organized thinking creatures. Nevertheless, talks of some mysterious buildings on the surface of the planet and in its bowels erupt with enviable regularity.

Secret underground cities on Venus
Secret underground cities on Venus

1989 was a special year in the history of the study of the planet. A Magellan probe was sent to Venus. A year later, the device was in its orbit, where it worked for about four years. Only recently, ufologists have shown interest in the archive of images. They have found large settlements on them.

According to scientists, solid structures of a cubic form are objects of artificial origin. On the simple note, they are built by alien creatures.

Secret underground cities on Venus
Secret underground cities on Venus

Scientists are sure that NASA experts are aware of both these buildings and their creators, as well as about those buildings that are hidden from the eyes of observers under the surface of the planet. But they keep this information secret from the public.

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1 year ago

[…] He also claimed that the representatives of aliens and the American astronauts work together in an underground base on Mars. […]