Russian Navy Secret War With USOs Under Ocean & Encounter With 9 Feet Humanoids In Lake Baikal


Unidentified flying objects are no longer a myth. Their existence has been accepted at the official level. The US government along with NASA has started an investigation on UFOs. The governments are not only looking for them into the sky but the underwater anomalies have also become a big concern for the military.

While the US government has found no evidence to call UFOs alien spacecraft, in 2013, the Russian government classified several documents describing the meetings of Russian soldiers with underwater UFOs including humanoids.

During the Soviet era, it was restricted to talk about UFOs and USOs but when it got disintegrated, some files came up with shocking information about alien spacecraft. The declassified documents said that the Russian navy found these unidentified objects technologically superior to Earth vehicles.

Russian submarine Severodvinsk (K-560)
Russian submarine Severodvinsk (K-560)

One of the undated accounts was a Soviet nuclear submarine’s encounter with the formation of six alien spacecraft in the south of the Pacific ocean. At the depth of 260 meters, the six disc-like objects were moving towards the submarine at the speed of 426 km per hour. The crew could not escape their pursuit, and the commander ordered the crew to rise to the surface. The crew saw through the periscope that the objects came out of the water and took off at absurdly fast speed.

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The same incident was covered by the British UFO researcher named Philip Mantle in his book “Russia’s USO Secrets: Unidentified Submersible Objects in Russian and International Waters.”

russian navy USOs encounterAccording to former nuclear submarine commander Yury Beketov, many mysterious events also took place in the Bermuda Triangle region. The devices failed for no apparent reason. He believed that the UFOs were behind it.

“[In Translation]We have repeatedly observed that devices record the movement of material objects at an unimaginable speed. We measured some speeds – it is about 230 knots (400 km per hour). Such speed is difficult to create on the surface, only in the air. But there is gigantic resistance in the water. As if the laws of physics do not apply to these objects. There is only one conclusion: the creatures who created such material objects significantly surpass us in development” Beketov said.

Another Navy intelligence Captain Igor Barclay said that the Unidentified submerged objects were seen in the places where the Russian Navy and NATO fleet are concentrated. He said: “These are the Bahamas and Bermuda, Puerto Rico. Especially often UFOs are seen in the deepest region of the Atlantic – in the south of the Bermuda Triangle and in the Caribbean.”

Lake Baikal
Lake Baikal

Fishermen often talked about glowing light coming from the depth of Lake Baikal and people who went swimming in the lake were dragged by the unknown creaturs. There is also a myth associated with the lake, talking about water spirits or krakens. Lake Baikal is the largest and deepest freshwater lake with a depth of approx. 1642 meters.

The most interesting encounter of the Russian military occurred beneath Lake Baikal in 1982. Seven trained Russian navy divers claimed to have seen about 9 feet tall humanoids, 50 meters deep into the lake during a research mission. They were wearing tight silvery suits and spherical helmets on their heads. It was surprising for the divers to see them without any scuba gears, breathing underwater.humaniod figures lake baikal

The divers decided to catch one of them but the entities reacted with the powerful force that propelled the entire group of divers up to the surface from the deep water. Due to the rapid decompression, three divers died while others got severely injured.

A former employee of the British Government’s Ministry of Defence Nick Pope said, “These strange humanoid figures were much bigger than human beings and appeared to be wearing a helmet of some sort.”

In 1959, the Soviet TU-104 Camel jet airliner was chased by a UFO while flying over Lake Baikal. “Before falling into the lake, the captain of the ship allegedly informed the dispatchers about an unidentified flying object moving in the sky. All those present in the control room at that time had to sign a non-disclosure agreement. And the people fishing at the lake nearby saw a flying saucer chasing the falling plane – it accompanied the aircraft until the latter fell to the water.”

After flying objects, now underwater objects have become a subject of investigation for the governments. If extraterrestrials exist, then the oceans are the best place to hide as they are still hard for humans to explore.

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Eric Ravenhill
Eric Ravenhill
1 year ago

I saw a UFO in March two or three years ago! it was half size of a football pitch about 100 feet in depth & came across Darfield towards Sheffield, I was just walking on my land when My Canadian Goose ran past me like the road runner! it’s head looking up to my left, I turned & saw this big black craft floating across the sky & had no means of filming it! I have had it in my mind ever since.

Tin Htwe Aung
Tin Htwe Aung
7 months ago

i like it your page